I posted the link to Bridgerton Week in Bowral one week ago. Obviously the organisers kept the guests at the advance screening a surprise.

Just finished binging all 7 episodes of “Baby Reindeer” and it’s 4:30am! Would have to be one of the best series I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s at times dark and harrowing but brilliant and remarkable. 5 out of 5 from me.

Finished it last night too after a couple of sittings to get through it, very well done… especially when you consider the lead created a show about what actually happened to him. Wild stuff

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Unfrosted, directed and co-written by, and starring Jerry Seinfeld, premieres on Netflix today.

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The end of a legacy deserves a grand finale. 15 episodes. A three-part event. It all begins July 18.

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Something that’s to be avoided at all costs by me. Jerry doesn’t like left wingers and I’m allergic to unfunny comedians. :grin:


The real-life Martha from Baby Reindeer breaks cover and gives me her first TV interview about the smash hit Netflix show.
Fiona Harvey wants to have her say & ‘set the record straight.’
Is she a psycho stalker?
Find out tomorrow on ⁦

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) May 8, 2024

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This was fun. I enjoyed it.

Part 2 premieres June 27. Part 3 coming soon on October 24


All eight Season 3 episodes of Heartstopper will be released Thursday, Oct. 3.


Netflix Lands NFL Christmas Day Games


Netflix on Wednesday afternoon is giving its first-ever in-person upfronts presentation to advertisers.

For Netflix, the games advance its sports ambitions, providing the latest contradiction of the company’s longstanding insistence that it wasn’t following Amazon, YouTube and Apple into live sports. With its 18-month-old advertising tier an increasing corporate priority, Netflix has added WWE wrestling (starting in 2025) as well as made-for-streaming golf, tennis and boxing matches. Its recent roast of former NFL great Tom Brady proved a blockbuster.

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Netflix has renewed 3 Body Problem for a second season.

It will also launched three sports documentaries in the next two months ahead of Paris Olympics.

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