I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed but a lot of Warner Bros content is expiring this month on Netflix.

Most of the DC Films say leaving Netflix on June 30.

It’s not just DC either.

Surely this has to do with Max? Does this mean it could be coming sooner rather than later?

Why remove them now if Max is still a year off? Wouldn’t it be smarter to renew these films with Netflix?

If Max isn’t on its way then that’s a big catalogue that’s going to be unavailable for a while in Australia.

Most content windows would be a year at minimum.

So I don’t think it means it’s coming any quicker than anticipated - but just keeps WBD’s options open.

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So we will be unable to watch these films now until Max launches.

What a shame they couldn’t match the dates a little closer.

Unless Binge has all these films from July? I didn’t think of that.

Yeah not sure

I just did more digging.

They’re all on Binge at the moment so all good.

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Similar report in Chinese:

Netflix becoming pricier as it continues to withdraw Basic Plan

Netflix has an estimated more than 6 million subscribers in Australia. In a letter to shareholders last year, it said that Australia, the US, Canada, UK and Italy were among the first countries where it was withdrawing its Basic tier for new and rejoining subscribers. Now, even those renewing their Basic plan in some of those markets may no longer be able to do so beyond this month.

Basic plan users in the UK who have thus far been renewing their plans have begun seeing on-screen notifications informing them that July 13 would be the last day that they can access the Basic subscription and must now upgrade.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as Netflix did confirm that it would be doing so in an earnings call earlier this year where it said: “The ads plan now accounts for 40 per cent of all Netflix sign-ups in our ads markets and we’re looking to retire our Basic plan in some of our ads countries, starting with Canada and the UK in Q2 and taking it from there.”


Not sure if this is going to be brilliant or incredibly lame…

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Territory was formerly known as Desert King. It was one of four Australian titles announced by Netflix last year.

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Seen this morning

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