If he wasn’t so up himself and talked before he even thinks then perhaps people won’t ‘mistaken’ him for what he said. But no Scumo’s never at fault. He’ll always make it about something related to Albo and the Greens.

We’ve yet to hear an explanation on that part. Clearly the fact that he’s not being transparent with the public about what took place demonstrates that he wanted power all along and tried to conceal it. It’s corruption.

Also if he only appointed himself to those portfolios because of the COVID situation, a health crisis, then why the fuck did he give himself environment, when it has nothing to do with COVID. TBH I wouldn’t of been surprised if there are more ministries we don’t know about. Also surprised that wasn’t a question he was asked.

Clearly we can now see why none of the liberal governments didn’t want a federal ICAC. Because they would of been exposed and held liable to the people.

It was Keith Pitt’s portfolio of Resources and Water (Plus Industry and Science) that he took because he wanted to approve that wretched PEP-11 project.

Same could be said about Home Affairs and Treasury. Why did he need all those portfolios anyway when he couldn’t even be arsed to be Australia’s PM during the Black Summer bushfires?

Labor could go into the next election playing the whole Nemesis series as their ad and it would be effective enough to keep the Coalition in opposition.

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“Daggy dads say clumsy things” he says. No, you were the Prime Minister. You were paid and had a stack of advisors to ensure you didn’t say clumsy things. And yet you always did.

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And you’d think someone who likes to take advice from ‘Jenny’ should be smarter than whatever drivel that’s coming out of his mouth day to day.

I thought Abbott was the worst PM but I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s just delusional and cringe. Morrison is 100% genuinely nasty from the bottom up.

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Yep, in fact they should just show it at their campaign launch and it would do the trick.

I thought there was something ominous about the editing of the part where Josh and ScoMo lived together. I thought they were about to confess to having a romantic affair in the lodge.

Disappointed there was nothing about the djokovic saga.

You could easily come away from that episode thinking Scott was in the spectrum. He still seems genuinely confused at people’s normal human responses to his callous words and actions. Any emotion he showed was very scripted and convincingly debunked by his colleagues.

My main takeaways from it.

He, and his party, positioned him as the great communicator, being able to read the electorate for an election win and yet somehow despite being a “great communicator” was constantly misunderstood or taken out of context. Somehow both things were apparently true at the same time???

I’m glad the editing of the show, constantly called out the dates of the secret ministries aspect, it added a lot of context, it demonstrated how it was done in a measured way, it wasn’t just a grab for all it was adding one, and another one, and another one.

Across the show appreciated the candour, however honest it may have been, from the participants.

Noticed that Barnaby Joyce and Bridget Archer’s segments both seemed to be filmed in the same location, same carpet anyways.

Looking forward to seeing the behind the scenes to see if that provides any more insights.

Was fascinated by the Killing Season when that was first released, and enjoyed Nemesis for the same insights.


Not sure about McGowan but obviously Andrews was just talking BS. He did not mean a word he said.

Really? Andrews seemed genuine.

It’s a fair point he raised. Australia did come through the pandemic better than other countries, and ScoMo deserves some credit for that next to the premiers.

It was all the other stuff that did him in, and rightly or wrongly, tarnished his legacy.

How surprising :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If anything I think Andrews is being overly nice about Scomo. If it was me I’d be calling him every name under the sun.

I don’t see a reason to doubt Andrews comments about ScoMo. I don’t recall them being as openly hostile towards each other as other premiers were.
Dans main pandemic nemesis’ were Josh Frydenberg and Greg hunt. And he didn’t miss the opportunity to take a swipe at them in the show.

Because there’s no way ScoMo deserves any praise?

He might be on the opposite side politically, and might have had some squabbles over elements of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have genuine respect for him. Likewise, he had a very positive working relationship with Dominic Perrottet even though they were political opposites. Politics isn’t always just right v left, there can be middle ground.


He still triggers you this much?

I just LOL’d a bit harder than I expected to.

Yes, ScoMo deserves some praise but as if Andrews genuinely means it.

This is not about whether I like him or not - it’s an observation from a documentary. What is clear to me is that Andrews cannot stand Morrison. There are many press conferences over the last few years where Andrews is slamming the guy.

Press conferences in the heat of the moment are very different to a documentary interview years down the track. Maybe you need to re-watch what Andrews actually said.