It has sensational production qualities, top job to the teams who built this, very few are capable of building such a production like this these days.

I can’t recall if I remember seeing Dutton on this? Probably the one who had most to lose from this, bit of mud throwing his way.

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Dutton, like Abbott decided not to participate according to a caption mentioned a few times.

This documentary series is spectacular. At least we get to confirm what we suspected all those years ago and confirmed that a number of those Liberals/Nationals are nothing but sleazebags (I’m looking at Barnabus, Abetz, Sukkar, Taylor etc).

Also intriguing at how Turnbull was able to piss off both the Moderates and the Conservatives in the party. I always thought out of him, Abbott and Scomo he was the most sensible ones.

I wouldn’t expect Dutton to go anywhere near this, as he tries to distance himself from all the chaos that is the LNP.

People have moved on from the Gillard/Rudd years, the issue for the LNP is they haven’t forgotten about all this rubbish, certainly won’t assist Dutton trying to form government anytime soon.

And the fact that he caused most of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought Julie Bishop was conspicuously absent from tonight’s episode also.

She wasn’t on in the last episode as well.

Guess she’s well and truly gotten rid of the Liberal brand she’s attached herself to for decades given that she’s actually shown some sensible perspectives in recent years in contrast to the bile she and others had to spit out when she was in parliament.

Did half of ep2 need to be about the final week of the Turnbull govt? There was a lot that didn’t make the cut like the whole dual citizenship saga and the trump election.

The barnaby joyce segment was missing a lot of context. just months earlier he advocated for a public vote over the private lives of gay coulples. Then campaigned for No, ie more government control over personal decisions. He lectured others about ethical relationships. Then has the hide to play the victim when his personal life is being discussed. Total hypocrite.

Warren Entch’s didn’t come across well, that part about the 3rd reading seemed petty and ungracious. Andrew Hastie seemed like a snake, such a creepy smile.

Malcolm had some good one-liners. He should be studied for a HBO dark comedy, he could have been a Veep character.
I had to laugh at the “gee they are a miserable bunch, Mathias sure has put on weight, and Michealia at least looks appropriately ashamed of what she’s doing.”

He seems to be wanting to take credit for the SSM issue even though he’s not the Prime Minister and he doesn’t even give credit to Malcolm Turnbull for doing what Abbott refused to do. He thinks it’s all about him him him.

Also the claims about Peter Dutton playing an instrumental role in the SSM plebiscite’s success is laughable especially when the guy himself was against it.

Neither of those issues had any impact on the leadership struggle or party politics, did they? Which is what the series is about.

Calling Dutton a thug is just Malcolm being nice. I could think of a dozen more stronger terms to describe Mr Potatohead.

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Preview of tonight’s final episode

There is a behind the scenes episode at 9.55pm after Media Watch.

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Surprisingly tonight there’s a number of former Labor premiers on the show describing Scomo. Dan Andrews, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Mark McGowan. Also surprising was the fact that Mark McGowan of all people had the nicest thing to say about him by calling out that there’s a lot of haters for him and he’s not one of them.

Far nicer than a lot of what former MPs like John Alexander and Katie Allen have said about him.

EDIT: Morrison is such a snake. Always seeking to claim he’s ‘misinterpreted’ and everything is ‘weaponised against him’ or taken out of context. Not to mention that freakin’ smirk :roll_eyes:

I’ve never yelled at a TV as much as I did tonight.

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Did you yell the F-word like one of the interviewees did when Morrison mentioned ‘it’s not a race’ :rofl:

Summing up this series, the general sentiment of each episode for me personally can be described as the following:

  • Abbott: Just Cringe and more Cringe
  • Turnbull: Helpless and despair watching him getting ripped apart by the conservatives.
  • Morrison: Nothing but pure anger and frustration at his ‘do-nothing’ and ‘I don’t hold a hose mate’ attitude.
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More than a few times for sure, for all three episodes.

Exactly my thoughts. He was trying to rewrite history and make out everyone else was the problem. Interesting to see the nice comments from McGowan as u mention, and Daniel Andrews. I never saw that coming.

I did! But, then again, i nearly always do whenever Smirko opened his mouth.

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Also on his multiple ministries, he said something to line of: “It wasn’t right for one person to be given all these powers for all these reforms and packages”.

So it’s right for him as the Prime Minister to eat up all these roles and be corrupted with so much power that he thinks his minsters don’t deserve even though his main job is to lead the country and that’s why ministerial positions actually exist :roll_eyes:

Conversely seeing comments from the likes of Dave Sharma, Trent Zimmermann, Fiona Martin, Katie Allen, John Alexander, Bridget Archer, even David Littleproud and the likes of Darren Chester was critical about him even though you could never tell when they were in parliament together and these guys were all capable of asking and answering dixers to lavish praise on their wankish policies.

Another example of his blame shifting. How dare people question his motives. If it was so genuine why was it all done in secret? Ugh. Can’t stand him.

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