I just read an article where a Channel Ten spokesperson claims that they “listened to the demand from our loyal viewers to return Bold and Beautiful to its original timeslot”. Well I can tell you one thing. This “spokesperson” obviously has no idea on the broadcast history of The Bold And The Beautiful on Australian television - it debuted on 23 November 1987 at 1pm - not the 4:30pm timeslot it has occupied since 12 February 1996.

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It getting axed in Britian was what got it axed in the first place - it’s a complete myth it rated highly, and people aren’t bothered enough to make the effort to watch it on Freevee every day. Indeed I think it’s a huge mistake Freevee aren’t uploading the weeks episodes each Monday - that might have got those intrigued enough by the revival to at least watch the first week rather than just the first episode before abandoning it.

And it’s had a lot of other timeslots in between. I can recall it once aired at 3.30pm so it didnt clash with Days of Our Lives & The Young and the Restless over on 9 and also at 2.30pm after they were dtopped.

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it was one of Channel 5’s highest rating shows before they dropped it. Its audience was small in the overall scheme of things, but not insignificant.

And from what I’ve seen it is topping Freevee’s ranking of streamed shows in the UK.

And also different timeslots in different markets across Australia. As an example initially NRTV (WIN TEN NNSW) had it at 3:15pm in the year prior to aggregation in 1991 before moving to 1pm once Midday Show finished for the year. Other regional stations had a different timeslot for Bold And The Beautiful prior to aggregation.

I did find some June 1989 metro schedules (Perth and Melbourne I think) had it listed at 3pm after a midday movie and Donahue (I think it might have moved to 3:30 around that time because of the timeslot clash with Y&R).

The change to 4pm didn’t make a difference in the total Neighbours audience for the day.

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Predicting they’ll fully push it back to Peach before next year.

If it rates better than the cooking shows, 10 will keep it at 4pm.


Validates them making the switch then.

Definitely significantly higher (double) cooking.


I think they need More Ian “Huey” Hewittson… Nothing beats Heuy’s Cooking Adventures


Everything beat it, which is why it was axed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I always thought 4pm would have been a smart scheduling move for Neighbours. You pick up viewers who are waiting for B&B and build that audience. Scheduling Neighbours at 4.30pm was a bold move (pardon the pun) but unfortunately the relaunch didn’t work out as well as it could have.

I think the producers made some big mistakes. It would have been wiser to have new characters launch some interesting new storylines from the start and have some of the legacy characters continue their storylines from the finale to bring back established viewers. Instead, they decided to create a massive swerve with existing couples in the first episode which divided fans and confused new viewers. Nobody has been impressed by the show’s return and that’s the biggest problem.


It may still build its audience at 4.00pm. Give it time to build.

I could also potential see a younger audience after school watching the show for the first time.


Has Erinsborough always been next to the beach? It seems to have geographically moved much closer to the bay.

No. They don’t say Erinsborough is near the beach. They just visit the beach sometimes and have mentioned the names of the beaches as real suburb names. Different beaches are used for these scenes.

Erinsborough and the surrounding suburbs have fictional names including Ansons Corner, West Waratah, Elliott Park and Eden Hills.

However, real suburbs are often mentioned too. Frankston was regularly mentioned for years because the Canning family moved from there and still had other family members that lived there. Werribee is getting lots of mentions at the moment for plotline purposes because the Varga-Murphys just moved from there and the Rodwells lived there twenty years ago.


It just seems like it’s very closeby for a lot of things, and the suburb seems closer to the city these days too. Seems like it used to be very fringe suburban (like in reality).

Can’t mess with Neighbours squeaky-clean image.

It’s still meant to be approximately 26km from the city centre like the real suburb where it is filmed Vermont South. They infamously did a storyline years ago where Toadie got an office job with a law firm “in the city” but had to give it up because commuting took up too much of his time so he had to go back to being a suburban lawyer again. :laughing:

It’s a soap so I guess you have suspend your belief sometimes. They currently have a set which is supposed to be at a winery restaurant at a vineyard. The characters seem to visit it like it’s just down the road. :roll_eyes: The real Panton Hill Winery is in fact 30km away from Vermont South.


I did notice all the sets look exactly the same and none of them look like the actual date or the houses from the outside :joy:

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