Neighbours not rating well at 4.30?

That’s one of the reasons. As posted by TVCynic in the daily ratings thread, yesterday The Bold and the Beautiful was 44th but Neighbours was 74th.


Rankings posted on most days show B and B is rating better at 4pm than Neighbours. B and B’s numbers seem to be about the same as before the change from 4,30pm so its audience is loyal.





You’d also think that neighbours would pick up viewers on 10 play for the 7 day window it’s on there. So the audience is very dispersed across three airings on broadcast then 10 play then prime video.

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Article from TVT with some numbers

Neighbours has appeared in some of the consolidated tables

One example for the early morning encore started at 23k and increased to 38k.

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From my understanding Neighbours has improved 10s morning schedule though?

Yes - for its timeslot. It doesn’t seem to have any flow on effect.

Also the 4pm timeslot is doing better with Bold :smile:

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What’s that say about Studio 10?

One comment on that TVT article I like.

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I still think over non ratings they should try it on 10 at 6pm or 6:30


A new 4.30pm airing (4.00pm from next week), and repeated at 6.30pm on 10Peach, 9.30am the following morning on 10, and a four-episode “marathon” on 10Peach on Saturdays from 9am, as well as on Amazon Freevee a few days later.

Too many options for the fans of Neighbours, and perhaps why the numbers are even lower than what it was getting last year prior to the shows axing? Sometimes, less is more?

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I don’t think it matters how it airs. It might dilute one audience but there’s so many options that they’re still selling advertising around it. So the total Audience for an episode would be way more than the I ital 4:30 airing.


All good points there you make that i didn’t think of. Has cleared a few points from my end.

I doubt they would be selling spots into Neoghbours for much of a return at 4:30 and now 4pm. Advertisers would go for Bold over ut

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Not entirely surprising. I think a few members on here mentioned this as a possibility a few weeks back.

Do we know how it’s faring over in the UK?

It has been a Top 10 streaming show on FreeVee since it started and yesterday it made it to No. 1 for the first time.


Surely though if Bold is still doing well half an hour earlier and the audience is coming back for the news then they’re better off trying to stick it out and use the Bold audience to build the audience from Neighbours.

Can only see the hour as a whole rating lower by moving Neighbours out to 4pm.

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Jessica muschamp aka sharon shazza davies an 1980’s character is heading back to erinsborough maybe to save Erinsborogh High for friend jane Harris perhaps.

I think this is the sad state of Television in Australia ( changing timeslot changes for Neighbours). If the ratings aren’t good from day 1, they keep moving the product, then drop it like a hot potato. If Deal Or No Deal makes a presence on Ten, if it doesn’t work at 6pm, I wonder if they will try it at 5:30pm and change Ten News to a half hour edition at 5 and an hour from 6pm. I know they said The Project won’t change its format (and presumably the time), but time will tell