NBN Nine - On-Air Presentation (2016-)


Unfortunately there’s not as much local branding on this station as there once was, but still some caps of the very few non-news differences that have existed since March 2016:


Lineups (No longer in use):

Other Graphics:

And yes, I’ve still got heaps from the final On-Air Presentation package from NBN Television before they transitioned to Nine Network branding. I’ll try and have some caps of that up soon enough! :slight_smile:


Some caps from July 28th 2018:

"We Love It" Ident (Gold Coast version):

Return to Program Bug:

2018 NBN Bug: (AFAIK, only occurs on the Gold Coast)


It was used on the Central Coast feed even after being dumped on 1/7/2016 in the non-overlap regions (certainly when I last saw it, in November 2017), but I don’t think that’s the case anymore?

Either way, I should be able to check in a couple of weeks or so from now! :wink: