NBN News On-Air Presentation: 2014-16

First used on February 3, 2014, this is the first On-Air Presentation package for NBN News which was heavily Nine News-inspired although some unique elements remained.


Set - final time that one originally dating back to 2002 was heavily modified, before receiving a “hand me down” set from Nine News in August 2017:


Rest assured that I’ve still got quite a few caps from this period to go through, so will post images of the other in-bulletin graphics later! :slight_smile:


Shame that they canned that set in favour of Nines old one.
This one looks so much more modern.

Thanks for posting those.

I always thought there was too much blue in that NBN News set… I do prefer the one they have now (Nine’s old one). I think it has a better balance of colours.

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I personally think bringing in the old Nine News set was a step in the right direction for NBN News, but more could’ve been done to make it look more modern on-air such as replacing the wood panels and other more dated elements.

Anyway, here’s Part 2.

Supers/OTS Graphics:

Special Supers:


OTS Graphics:

Full Screen Graphics (Blue overload, if you ask me!):

Weekend Weather Graphics (weeknight caps with Gav coming soon):

Sometime during the 2nd half of 2015, the presentation of the 7 Day Forecasts were changed to include a full slide for each region including additional rainfall information:

There are probably technical reasons why, but personally I find it odd how the weekend forecasts are more localised than the weeknight forecasts. Also that the weekend forecasts don’t include a look at temperatures around Australia like NBN’s weeknight forecasts do.



They seem to contradict themselves here.

They’re prepared to make weekend forecasts more local, but then take out national temps?

Go figure.

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