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September 1998:

January 2005:

More to come…


The 2005 promo probably aired just after Nine decided to replace Jim Waley (even though he does appear in at least one shot) with Mark Ferguson as their main weeknight newsreader?

Also didn’t know (or forgot - we are talking 15 years ago here) that current WIN News director Stella Lauri was a reporter for National Nine News!


Her stint at Nine was short-lived, she returned to WIN about a year or two later as a reporter…and of course now director.


Little did anyone know that Jim Waley would disappear from Nine News for good that month…

Australian For News - Sydney Promo:


With there being team shots just before the end of Melbourne and Queensland versions of these promos, one wonders if there was ever a Sydney version of the “Australian For News” Promo which featured a team shot which may or may not have gone to air because of the Waley > Ferguson presenter change.

Of course, it’s also interesting to note that Mark Burrows, Georgie Gardner and Leila McKinnon are the only three presenters/reporters in the Sydney 2005 promo who are still employed by the Nine Network! Because as far as I’m aware…

*Laurie Oakes, Robert Penfold, Ken Sutcliffe - now retired.
*Peter Harvey, deceased.
*Helen Kapalos, Christine Spiteri and Adam Walters, some interesting stories behind their news/media careers ending.
*Nina Stevens, now at Seven with Fergo.
*Stella Lauri, returned to WIN News and is now a director for them as we’ve already covered.
*Sheryl Taylor…I think she had a brief stint at Ten News Sydney early last decade but that’s about it.

Not sure what happened to Daniel Street and Nigel Blunden though.

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Is that a television with CH 7 on it?

Could possibly quite be.

TV news rooms always monitor the competition.


Who’s Who Of News - Sydney Promo (September 1998):

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Watch The World With Us - Promo 1992

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