Narrowcast and AM Narrowband Radio


In an Uber and driver is listening to the Punjabi? Station on 1674am in Melbourne. Is there a list of all off bands in Melbourne somewhere? I’d love to see every single listed frequency.

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Here you go:


  • 1611 | United Christian Broadcasters Australia Limited | WERRIBEE VIC 3030
  • 1620 | Gumnut Nominees Pty Ltd | BAYSWATER VIC 3153
  • 1638 | Asia Pacific Property Development Pty Ltd | HERNE HILL VIC 3218
  • 1638 | Asia Pacific Property Development Pty Ltd | SOUTH MORANG VIC 3752
  • 1647 | G’day G’day Radio Holdings Pty Ltd | WHEELER HILL VIC 3150
  • 1656 | Suneel Raj Oberoi | ALTONA NORTH VIC 3025
  • 1665 | United Christian Broadcasters Australia Limited | VERMONT VIC 3133
  • 1674 | Justin Lance Christie | WERRIBEE SOUTH VIC 3030
  • 1683 | Costas Nikolis | CAMPBELLFIELD VIC 3061
  • 1692 | Mohamad Mallah | WERRIBEE SOUTH VIC 3030
  • 1701 | Australian Muslim Media Inc. | SOMERTON VIC 3062


  • 1611 kHz | Gumnut Nominees Pty Ltd (1314015) | BADGERYS CREEK NSW 2745
  • 1620 kHz | Labor Media Pty Limited (1213181) | SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK NSW
  • 1638 kHz | Asia Pacific Property Development Pty Ltd (1140887) | PENRITH NSW 2750
  • 1638 kHz | Asia Pacific Property Development Pty Ltd (1140887) | CONCORD WEST NSW 2138
  • 1638 kHz | Asia Pacific Property Development Pty Ltd (1140887) | HEATHCOTE NSW 2233
  • 1647 kHz | Asia Pacific Property Development Pty Ltd (1140887) | PENRITH NSW 2750
  • 1647 kHz | Asia Pacific Property Development Pty Ltd (1140887) | PENNANT HILLS NSW 2125
  • 1656 kHz | Mars Media Pty Ltd (1201531) | KAREELA NSW 2232
  • 1665 kHz | Mars Media Pty Ltd (1201531) | MARRICKVILLE NSW 2204
  • 1674 kHz | HAANJI PTY LTD (20029252) | COLYTON NSW 2760
  • 1683 kHz | Costas Nikolis (1217671) | LAKEMBA NSW 2195
  • 1683 kHz | Costas Nikolis (1217671) | MARRICKVILLE NSW 2204
  • 1692 kHz | Angelo Matsoukas (572250) | WEDDERBURN NSW 2560
  • 1701 kHz | Asia Pacific Property Development Pty Ltd (1140887) | SILVERWATER NSW 2141

Would this be Radio 2Moro, nothing to do with the ALP in NSW?

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I assume some owners lease out their licence to broadcast.

According to ABN records “Labor Media Pty Limited” was previously known as “Sydney Narrowcasters Pty Limited”. They also previously had the business names “2KM” and “2 GAY FM”.

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Not sure if it actually went to air, but wasn’t that the proposed Gay & Lesbian station for Sydney during the mid-90s which was owned (at the time) by John Singleton & Barry Unsworth?


And 1611 is on air with Vision Christian programming.


Thanks for that. I forgot about 1611 kHz in the list. I’ve added it for both Melbourne and Sydney now.

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You’re welcome. 1611 is good at Homebush and likewise at North Sydney, even at night. Must be either a good set up in Badgerys’ or over power?


Not really sure whether I’m posting this in the right thread, but 107.9FM is back on air here in Sydney.

Dead air at the moment but knowing previous years there’ll probably be a test transmission (usually including ads/music but no talk breaks - has aired clean music beds during test mode in previous years but not in the last couple AFAIK) of Show Radio from AFTRS on-air tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. Hopefully reception will be good for a decent amount of Sydney this year, unlike 2018 when it was severely affected by the continuing presence of an open carrier which was the legacy of a previous temporary station on that frequency.


Still dead air on 107.9FM this afternoon so I guess Show Radio will be on-air tomorrow…unless of course there’s technical difficulties (which is quite possible, I remember the station being off air for the first day or two of the Show in 2015).


It could be because the licence starts tomorrow. :smiley:

The licence has this condition:


Its interesting it is 820 W. Where a community station like SWR is 200w? Why so powerful? :slight_smile:. Stating the obvious, they are trying to cover a bigger area it seems, but I wonder why? I thought it should be just for the easter show area only. So maybe 20W would be enough. In this age of the ACMA worried on overspill, there might be an exception here.

Given 2ICE have a repeater in Wentworth Falls, and Newsradio is on 91.3 FM in Lithgow and it seems C91.3 has no issues at 1 kW ERP, I doubt it will be an issue. I think 2ICE should complain about 107.9 radio national :slight_smile:. (Central western slopes)

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@Laoma It’s not 820w ERP but EIRP, 2.15dB less on a half dipole. It’s around 500 watts ERP on a rough calc.


Thanks Cranky for the clarity.

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Yes that would be roughly 500watts ERP. They have one high power side mount vertical dipole so antenna would be unity gain. Tx power = output. They may very well only be using a 100 or 300watt tx.

@SydneyCityTV I did hear them running audio (music and clean music beds) about 4.30 Thursday arvo, but yes following the book, the tx isn’t supposed to be on until the licence commences.

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The standard equation is:

EIRP (W)= ERP (W)(1.64); thus
ERP (W)= EIRP (W)/1.64

Giving exactly 500 W ERP with EIRP=820 W

What other caveats/conditions must be factored in?

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Cable loss would be another factor and would depend on quality and length. So technically the show radio set up wouldn’t be truly unity gain as the ERP would be slightly less than tx power given the fairly long cable run up the lighting tower. With good cable that should be negligible though.

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Driving through the suburb of Newington, Sydney this evening I noted western Sydney LPON station ‘Vintage FM’ on 87.7MHz.

I can’t find this entry in ACMA list or Vintage FM website/Facebook for this frequency.


Show Radio 107.9 FM is back to dead air since late yesterday. A carrier, but no audio.

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They are up and running today, and the live stream is working on iHeartRadio.