Name songs that are flogged by commercial radio but you still like


A few I don’t mind hearing still:
Choir Boys "Run to Paradise "
Robbie Williams,"Let Me Entertain You"
George Michael,"Faith"
Aha,“Take on Me"
Icehouse,“Crazy” and
"Hey Little Girl”


Eagle Rock - Daddy Cool
It’s Too Late - Carol King


Survivor,“Eye of the Tiger”

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Whop - pants are already down.

/On topic - anything on Flume’s new album, Skin (which isn’t as good as Flume but I can get down to it).

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Always Something There To Remind Me / Naked Eyes


I also still enjoy many of the songs that others have posted above :grinning:
And others from me include:

Missing You - John Waite
Broken Wings - Mr Mister
I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston
Careless Whisper - George Michael
That’s When I Think Of You / If I Could - 1927

And I never really tire of hearing most of the classics from legendary Aussie/NZ bands like Crowded House, Dragon, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oils, INXS or The Angels.


Totally with you on Broken Wings and I Wanna Dance With Somebody (especially - can’t get enough of that song after ALL These years played constantly on the radio).

Add to that Chain Reaction / Dianna Ross. Sad I know. But there’s something about those songs that stand the test of time (and repetition) for me.

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Sorry NRN - can’t agree with Eagle Rock :slight_smile:
That’s an INSTANT station changer for me - in fact 4KQ played it just before lunch and I had switched stations within about 3 seconds :slight_smile:


“Song 2” - Blur
"Black Betty" - Spiderbait

…and probably a few others, which I can’t think of right now.

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@Brianc68 I used to be like that but in the last 3 years it has grown on me. No doubt I’ll hate it again sometime soon


Nik Kershaw- Wouldn’t It Be Good
Icehouse- Electric Blue
Foreigner- Cold As Ice
Crowded House- It’s Only Natural
Pink Floyd- Another Brick In The Wall Part II


“Wonderwall” - Oasis
"Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen
"American Idiot" - Green Day
"Behind Blue Eyes" - Limp Bizkit
"Numb" - Linkin Park
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana


Ok I will TRY to listen to Eagle Rock in full the next time it’s played (daily on 4KQ) :slight_smile:

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Wow, there’s more than a few there that would appear on a similar list of mine. I’d probably substitute Don’t Dream it’s Over in for It’s Only Natural, and while we’re talking Finns maybe add I Got You by Split Enz.

And even though I love Floyd too, even I do get a bit tired of hearing those kids chanting double negatives (evidently they do in fact need that education!) Though I welcome it more when it’s preceded by The Happiest Days of Our Lives, which it is much more now it seems)


Thin Lizzy, "The Boys Are Back in Town"
Pink Floyd,"Another Brick in the Wall"
Yes I still like 'Eagle Rock"heard it on Triple M the other day
ACDC “High Voltage”
“It’s a Long Way to the Top if You Want to Rock and Roll”

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Hoodoo Gurus,’“What’s My Scene”

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I never get tired of the Schoolmaster and his pudding line!


Nena ,"99 Luft,(Sung in German) or Red (English language version)Balloons"
Powderfinger,“My Happiness”

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I’ve always much preferred the German version. The English version sounds a bit off to me.


WTF stations are you listening to that plays 99 Luft Balloons? I haven’t heard that in years, let alone “flogged by commercial radio”! :smiley: