If you ask me, the Ray Hadley CDs should be in the bargain bin if not the actual rubbish bin! :crazy_face:


This week in the UK, the two old Christmas songs inched their way up the chart so that they are now:
#2 All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
#3 Last Christmas - Wham!
Wouldn’t be surprised if they make it to #1 and #2 next week. :roll_eyes:

And 12 other Christmas songs fill the Top 40.
It’s official.
The music chart is dead!


Have you seen the Ron Howard documentary The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years? It is brilliant.


[being @JBar intensifies]


Well, that’s the issue really. record companies have sneaky ways of getting their music heard on people’s streaming services by manipulating the system and those listens get hugely influence the charts. Shonky!


I just bought a pair of Bang And Olufsen N4 headphones @ $399, the most I’ve ever spent on headphones.

Not cheap, but great sound and very comfortable, most comfortable I’ve used other than Bose (which I also have).

One thing I noticed was that brands like Beats, Marley and Skull Candy gripped around the head quite tightly, which I didn’t like. I know this is to help keep background noise out though.

What brands do other MSers use?


I have 3 pairs.

These are the ones I use when I’m using my iPad or iPhone, occasionally at the gym (they’re sport earphones but I worry about getting sweat in the tunnels, same when it rains heavily). I really like them.

I use these when I’m listening to music at home or for audio jobs. They do the job for a pretty cheap price. I don’t use them a lot though.

And these ones are just back-ups in case it’s raining or if I can’t be bothered pairing my bluetooth ones when I’m on a short walk across the road to the supermarket. I am pretty bad at breaking these though.


These for exercise / mowing the lawn etc

I’ve got a set of these somewhere - rairly use them

I use these at work to listen to music / podcasts


The previous model of these for general use (going on 5 years now)

These for on the go (I was a very early adopter of bluetooth earbuds, these are ancient history compared to what is available now but I’ll replace them when they die as they still work perfectly fine).


Thanks, I have never heard of Aiaiai before.



Quite a disastrous year for the local music industry. The record companies are just not supporting local talent or developing any new talent anymore. They’re just lazy and are letting overseas artists dominate. More artists from Canada or European countries making the charts than Australians.


You could say the record company is at fault (which it is) for this, but it’s such a flawed system. For a song to be a “hit” something like $300k is poured into it. The songs that you initially dislike then love (not songs that you kinda like then grow on you) are mostly because you’ve heard them so many times, you subconsciously force yourself to like them. Since not every song is gonna be a bit, labels do something (forgot what) do
They save money and still get the airplay they want.

You could be now wondering, what the solution is? I myself am not too sure what it is either but a step in the right direction are for stations to not repeat tracks so often


Perhaps radio stations get paid by record labels to flog songs so often to make them sell?


That’s the only explanation for a lot of songs on playlists. Right now Nova is flogging Liam Gallagher’s new song every two hours and featured him in a Nova Red Room.

This is despite them never having played one of his solo singles in their history and his song not charting in Australia and not fitting their usual playlist or aimed demographics. Cash for play.


I’ve been mucking around with this playlist in Spotify over the last week. It’s what I’d put on air if I had my own radio station, hence the name. It’s inspired by the Inphase show on SWR FM as well as online station Radio Paradise.


Good playlist!

Though 2 versions of “Bizarre Love Triangle” in a playlist of 30 songs seems a bit odd?


There are 600 songs in the playlist at the moment; I’m adding 50 or so a day. Can you only see 30? I like to play two versions of the same song back to back if I like both; I’ve done that a few times already :slight_smile:.


ah ok, I only looked via HTML and didn’t open it up in the app… maybe that’s why.


Mr Big drummer, Pat Torpey passes away at age 64 from Parkinsons disease complications on Wednesday (Thursday Australian time)