And who listens to music on a gramophone anymore anyway?!

Should be called ‘The Chippies’ and they hand out an oversized SD card instead :grin:.

Who’s still using SD cards? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This was the best Grammys broadcast in a long long time. (Save for JZ trying to make everything about Beyoncé as per usual :roll_eyes:).


Aussie artists Tones and I, and Peach PRC have both criticised Universal Music’s decision to pull its music from Tiktok last week.


These coveted tickets will go on sale at 2pm AEDT for all Melbourne concerts and 4pm AEDT for all Sydney concerts.

‘It has been confirmed that limited tickets, including restricted view tickets at $65.90, can be released for sale.’


Those extra tickets for Sydney and Melbourne concerts were snapped up within one hour of going on sale.

Another music festival has been forced to cancel, due to poor ticket sales. It is the second time the festival has had to cancel its dates in its 19 year history.


I wonder if the side shows for the artists that were due to perform at Groovin’ the Moo would still go ahead. Example: Kenya Grace

The Recording Academy finally posted the full performance of Fast Car from the Grammys.


We all remember Alien Ant Farm’s 2001 cover of “Smooth Criminal”, which went to number one on the ARIA Charts.

Well, that wasn’t their only cover - in 2020, they turned Wham!'s “Everything She Wants” into a nu-metal song.

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I heard on the radio today that Ms Swift apparently has HALF of all of the songs the Apple Music Top 100 in Australia at the moment (I had a quick look and could ‘only’ find 34 songs). But still that’s pretty amazing.

Hard to compare eras but even if say someone like Madonna was touring Australia at the peak of her powers, I doubt she would have had the impact Taylor has. And I don’t think any other artist from any era could either. Maybe The Beatles or Elvis would come close?

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I say just wait until Coldplay come to Melbourne and Sydney this October/November - though they haven’t released any new music recently I wouldn’t be surprised if any of their old albums (dating back to 2000’s Parachutes) start charting again, as they did when they did a pair of Perth shows last November.

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Agree they’ll chart again, but I doubt will it go to Swift like levels.

Time will tell though and I may be proven wrong (again).

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Yeah it was 54/100 songs over the weekend and currently sitting at 51 songs. 31 of the Top 50 are Taylor Swift songs.

Coldplay’s big hits will go back into the charts, but probably only about 10 of them. The Weeknd would have been the closest act to do it when he was meant to have toured.

Already ready for the complaints about the Aria Chart this weekend, will be like Christmas but up to 30 Swift songs. Maybe Cruel Summer will finally make it to number one.


Lol, well, the ABC have decided to try and answer my question! Interesting read

That Dire Straits stat is crazy, 21 shows at one venue.

Sheeran did a full on national tour in 2018 and did the 5 major capital cities so its kind of a misleading comparison since Swift is only doing Sydney and Melbourne though admittedly multiple shows in both cities.


I know!
Dire Straits were here for months and months back in '86…
They even did shows in smaller centres like Mackay, QLD.
Longest tour I remember seeing by an international act in Australia.

P!nk did 50 shows here in 2009 which is about the same as what Dire Straits did in '86