MTV Australia & Rage - (1990s)

Something a little different. Here’s some recordings of MTV Australia and Rage from the 1990s. :slight_smile:

A short snippet of the “Knebworth '90” concert, presented by Richard Wilkins.

An MTV Australia aircheck from Mid 1998. I have been able to narrow this recording down to that period of time, as the songs that feature in this were released no later than Late 1997 and the host of the program mentions towards the end that Faith No More had only just broken up.

Another MTV Aircheck from 1998, this time of the “Most Wanted” request program. I have the full music videos on tape (but not the whole program, as my Dad understandably only recorded the songs that he liked), however I have edited them out to avoid encountering issues with copyright.

Rage’s “ARIA Top-50” Countdown from the 5th December 1999. Incredible to think that some of these songs are now 20 years old!

I also have an “ARIA Top-50” Countdown from July 1995, although I haven’t uploaded it yet.

There are plenty of Rage Top 50 videos on YouTube, with snippets of songs from various countdowns over the years:

Here’s a montage of samples of music videos seen on Rage from 1987 to 1989, in which the text was very big, before it was quite dramatically reduced in size by the end of 1989.

Credit: ‘ohnoitisnathan85’

As a teenager in the early 2000s I used to love waking up on a Saturday morning and watching the Rage Top 50. I would literally be up every weekend hanging to see what was #1. I was pretty devo when they removed it.

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