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How so?

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Nine getting programs from two major production companies in the US (NBCUniversal which owns NBC and Disney which owns ABC Studios)? That will be a first for Nine.


Have come across it in reading.

But also deduced by recent examples are movies on say SBS which are still run on a commercial, but the commercials never ever have rights to the same movie at a time.

I should have clarified my previous post. In the late 1990s and 2000s, Seven had output deals with both Disney/ABC and NBCUniversal. So Nine could be the second Australian network to sign program deals with both companies.

Seven signed one in 2007.

FTA premiere of a Disney movie as I forecast last week. Is this the first time Nine has a premiere screening of a movie released under the Walt Disney banner (Doctor Strange does not count as it is produced by Marvel)?

Which is owned by Disney…so should count.

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Not in Sydney. TCN9 from its inception through the 1960s and 1970s had a deal with Disney while HSV7 had the Disney deal in Melbourne and Seven had the rights in the other state capitals(?) afaik. That changed when Seven did a national deal with Disney. Maybe @Sully knows when that happened?


couldn’t post in Classification due to post limit

Nine to split “The Magnificent Seven” into two programs Part 1 and Part 2 this Saturday night, the first is “PG” but it’s so the second can be unedited as “M”. That’s a first!

As seen in today’s TV Guide.

And will also no doubt give Nine two seperate codings, once again manipulating the ratings system (as seen with some 9Go movies last month).

Hope Nine aren’t setting dodgy precedents here, as others will inevitably follow?

@Zampakid or @TV-Expert might know.


FTA premiere. From Seven’s recent deal with 20C Fox.

Side note: Saw this at the cinemas a couple of years ago and rather enjoyed it, stars Eva Green from James Bond “Casino Royale”.

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Hercules 9Go! premiere

  1. I wonder why Nine are airing lesser considered Walt Disney titles, maybe cheaper than the Toy Storys and the like?

  2. Why are they putting a copyright notice on them? Seven have been using the actual “Disney” and title logos and artwork for yonks and never did?

  3. It aint no “premiere”.


I’m not bothered. I’m really enjoying the nice change in family movies on 9GO. Good to see old classic favourites.


The screenshot doesn’t state ‘premiere’. Is Nine advertising as a premiere?

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What did that have to do with anything? Movies change rights/networks all the time, every week.

I was talking about my 3 aforementioned points.

Not that I’ve seen.

You said why are they airing the lesser known movies and I’m saying I’m not bothered by the fact their airing the lesser known ones as it gives me a chance to see them after years.

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Sorry, you might be right there. It’s just I know they’ve been calling a few movies recently “premieres” when they’re definitely not (e.g.) The Incredibles

Got cha, my apologies. Thought you meant Disney in general.


Haven’t seen this before!

Nine split “The Magnificent Seven” in two, for classification purposes, but therefore had to do all this

Part 1 (8:08pm)

Part 2 (9:19pm)

(There was no ad break, this all happened within ~30sec)

I think this potentially sets a bad precedent for other networks to follow and no doubt @TV.Cynic inflates ratings (there will be two codings won’t there?) manipulating the system.

Because since the dawn of modern TV classification, when a film is modified for broadcast, you air that entire version, even if it goes into later time zones… That’s how it’s always been (e.g.) Seven do it all the time, even tonight. You don’t just pause a movie mid-run and do this, even if Nine can and/or felt the later stages of the movie were too hard to edit!


I don’t see the issue…movies on FTA TV are always awful viewing given the ad content. If they are willing to split it into two to get the higher-rated content in there, then so be it.