Morning Express

Ten needs a breakfast program, but one that is different to what is currently on air. My Concept is Morning Express, a fast paced breakfast program hosted by Lisa Wilkinson, Lachlan Kennedy & Georgia Love. The Show would air from 6.30-8.30 every morning from The Project set in Melbourne.

Rather than a mix of whats coming up and headlines, the opener would be only news headlines. Below is an example opener
Good Morning. Making News This Morning, Police Probe a suspicious fire that killed 2 in NSW.

Vale Mrs Bush. Former First lady of the United States, Barbara Bush has died aged 92.

Rebel Wilson’s defamination Appeal heads back to court today.

And Australia’s biggest Aged Care Overhaul to pass parliament today. The Prime Minister will join us live to discuss.

Its 18th April 2018

And Morning Express is Live


Full Screens

More to come, but this is a start. Hope you like it!


I am not sure about 6:30am til 8:30am… didn’t breakfast try that slot???

Wouldn’t it be better to try say 7am til 8am (in the same way TVAM and Sunrise on Seven started as a 1 hour show airing between 6am til 7am show and later expanded to 7:30am ending, before the latter (Sunrise becoming a full 3 and half hour format)

At first ET could air in between Morning Express and Studio 10 whilst Ten management contemplate either moving Studio 10 to 8am (with maybe a 11am finish) or expanding Morning Express should the concept work (in either scenario)

True…Although Breakfast was a disaster and Wake up wasnt given a fighting chance by the network in that timeslot…

I just think it might work better flowing straight to studio 10. So maybe 90 minutes, 7-8.30…

If Ten doesnt want to do a morning show like this, maybe WIN could try something similar instead of the atrocious AAN. It could air for 90 minutes like you said, and air locally based stories and issues. They could also try to change the format of WIN news to a state based multi- regional edition (with the most important stories from regional areas - obviously worked out on which areas could or should be merged) and then use some of the other stories on a morning program.

A WIN produced Morning Express could be encore on 11 from say 10:30am weekdays and airing the metro schedule for 11 and One at midday and 1pm respectively (eg axe AAN altogether)

Alternatively, if done by TEN, in an effort to build an audience, it could do an encore on 11 at say 10:30am weekdays (like 7Two airs NBC Today from 11:30am weekdays after airing a short edition at 4am on Seven in the metro regions)

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