Mock: The Morning Project

IMO The answer to Ten’s morning woes is sitting under the noses.

The Morning Project WOULD definitely offer a point of difference by targeting a younger demographic. I’d have Gorgi host - not sure who else to join her though. Either run it 6:30am-8:30am or 6:00am-8:00am. Obviously, for two hours quite a few resources would have to be thrown at it - and would have a slightly different format to accommodate.

Different colour scheme - yellow, blues and whites. With the background screens changing to a lighter theme to match.

I’d keep half hourly news headlines, the going global segment, features and explanations on the days news from academics and other journalists. The ‘Today’s Top 5’ is something I was thinking which would sum up the top 5 news stories of the morning possibly on the half hour and would be uploaded to social media to capture that market.


I actually really like the idea of The Morning Project!


Can’t really read the clock or weather in the watermark. Too small.


Too much right wing madness. Philip Schofield or Paul Henry would do. Maybe fly Mike Puru down and then I would watch it religiously.


I love this idea of ‘The Morning Project’. I was thinking the other day that Ten should run a music show with hosts, kinda like commercial drive-time radio, but on television. Play some tunes to listen to while you get the kids ready or get ready for work and have a couple of hosts for banter. Have news headline updates every 30mins from the newsroom and weather. You could also have a couple of short light-hearted segments. It would also be fairly cheap as there are little new content and a point of difference.

That could work between 7am and 8am and then either follow with Studio 10 half an hour early or Entertainment Tonight at 8am. The question is - would you remove B&B and Family Feud encores altogether on the main channel for it, or move them to another channel or cut back Studio 10 to accommodate them late morning?

Moved to a new thread; apparently your mock wasn’t random enough for random mocks.

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