Mock Schedules

If I was creating my own retro station, this would be my starting schedule with programs replaced at end of series run (obviously influenced by program rights availability)

Weekdays ( aired from 6am to 6pm then repeated starting Monday morning)

6:00 The Flintstones
6:30 Home improvement
7:00 Just Shoot Me
7:30 Seventh Heaven
8:30 Northern Exposure
9:30 The A Team
10:30 Bonanza
11:30 Superstore
12:00 Tarzan
1:00 Grey’s Anatomy
2:00 Infomercials
3:30 The Dukes Of Hazzard
4:30 Beverly Hillbillies
5:00 Doctor At Large
5:30 The Golden Girls

Weekends ( scheduled 6am to 6pm then repeated starting Saturday morning)

6:00 Huckleberry Hound
6:30 Perfect Strangers
7:00 NewsRadio
7:30 Hercules
8:30 Lois and Clark
9:30 Paper Chase
10:30 Daniel Boone
11:30 Man With A Plan
12:00 The Waltons
1:00 Ally McBeal
2:00 Infomercials
3:30 Six Million Dollar Man
4:30 Petticoat Junction
5:00 Bless This House
5:30 Empty Nest

I don’t like the 7pm launch into reality programming. if I recall correctly up until about 10 years ago Nine metro stations did this and alternated with Two and a half men and Frasier. Nine then extended the 6pm news to 1 hour with ACA moving to 7pm.

I can understand your intentions here but if Home and Away was every to move (an unforgivable move for the devoted fans), I think a current affairs style program (such as Today Tonight) or a game show will be the show to replace it … sad but true

This is how I would program Ten for 2024

Early AM
12:30am 48 Hours
1:30am Infomercials
3:30am CBS Sunday
5:00am The Talk

Tuesday to Friday
12:00am The Late Show
1:00am Infomercials
3:30am CBS This Morning
5:00am The Talk

12:00am The Late Show
1:00am Infomercials
3:30am CBS This Morning
5:00am Authentic
5:30am Leading The Way

12:30am US Drama repeat
1:30am Infomercials
3:30am CBS This Morning
5:00am Hour Of Power

Monday to Friday
6:00am Good Chef Bad Chef
6:30am Farm To Fork
7:00am Ten Morning News
8:00am Entertainment Tonight
8:3am Deal or No Deal
9:00am (Monday) Judge Judy;
(Tuesday to Friday) Neighbours
9:30am Bold and the Beautiful
10:00am Dr Phil
11:0am Ten News at 11
12:00pm Afternoons - host would depend on the format - if more like Midday show then someone like Lisa Wilkinson, if more infomercial based someone like Angela Bishop.
1:30pm Good Chef Bad Chef
2:00pm Farm To Fork
2:30pm Entertainment Tonight
3:00pm Afternoon News
4:00pm (Monday to Thursday) Neighbours;
(Friday) Judge Judy
4:30pm Bold and the Beautiful

Early Evenings
5:00pm Ten News at 5
5:30pm Deal or No Deal
6:00pm Ten News at 6
7:00pm The Project

Saturday mornings
6:00am Joseph Prince
6:30am What’s Up Down Under
7:00am Ten Sports Action
8:00am -11;00am current 7am til 10am schedule
11:00am Ten Morning News
12:00pm As scheduled

Sunday mornings
6:00am Mass For You At Home
6:30am My Market Kitchen
7:00am -9:00am Current 8am-10am schedule
9:00am Sunday Morning Australia
10:30am Meet The Press
11:00am Ten Morning News
12:00pm As scheduled

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10 Daytime 2024

5.30am: CBS Mornings
7.00am: The Project rpt
8.00am: Entertainment Tonight rpt
8.30am: Judge Judy rpt
9.00am: Bold rpt
9.30am: Neighbours rpt (Mon: Judge Judy rpt)
10.00am: The Talk
11.00am: Farm to Fork
11.30am: Everyday Gourmet
12.00pm: 10 News
1.00pm: Dr Phil rpts
2.00pm: Primetime replays etc
3.00pm: Entertainment Tonight
3.30pm: 10 News
4.00pm: Neighbours (Fri: Judge Judy rpt)
4.30pm: Bold
5.00pm: 10 News


Great mock for 2024. Great minds think alike, because i was going to make a mock for 10 next year, and put new airings of cooking shows in the 11am-12pm hour too. They’re pretty much “paid advertising” anyway (aka “paid sponsorship” which pays for the show itself) , just like the infomercials on Studio 10. But i couldn’t decide what repeats to put prior to 10 am, so i ditched my plan to post it. lol.

Agreed, they need to offer something in the mornings, even if it’s those cooking shows, and arguably they are better suited to those timeslots. I could also see them putting on an infomercial at 8am for half an hour as well.


Alt for Melbourne in 2024

3.00pm: Entertainment Tonight
3.30pm: 10 News
4.00pm: Judge Judy rpt
4.30pm: Neighbours (Fri: Judge Judy rpt)
5.00pm: Bold
5.30pm: Deal or No Deal
6.00pm: 10 News Melbourne
7.00pm: The Project (join in-progress with pre-rec localised intro, full ep plays out late-night and next morning)


If Channel 9 has a new music video show at midnight, here’s what the schedule will look like for Friday.
5:00 Nine News: Early Edition
5:30 Today
9:00 Today Extra
11:30 Nine’s Morning News
12:00 Made-for-TV Christmas film
2:00 Pointless
3:00 Tipping Point
4:00 Nine’s Afternoon News
5:00 Hot Seat
6:00 Nine News
7:00 ACA
7:30 For The Love Of Pets
8:30 Friday night films
12:20 The Plug with James Elmer (Nine’s new midnight music video show with hottest hits, classic tunes and explicit videos that are only seen on TV late at night)

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Would your late night music program play out for 2 and a half to 3 hours like MTV did or all night like Rage (til say 5am or 6am)?

I would still keep the 5pm news as a lead in and a promotional bulletin for the 6pm news. Similar to Seven and Nines Afternoon News. Also, it still gives them the opportunity to revert back to 5pm if 6pm fails.

ATV10 Melbourne trial line up for 2024.

3.00pm: Entertainment Tonight
3.30pm: 10 Afternoons News
4.00pm: Neighbours
4.30pm: Bold
5.00pm: 10 News Melbourne (Candice Wyatt)
5.30pm: Deal or No Deal
6.00pm: 10 News Melbourne (Jennifer Keyte & Stephen Quartermain)
7.00pm: The Project (join in-progress with pre-rec localised intro, full ep plays out late-night and next morning)



Channel Ten 2025

Big network wide relaunch. Spend all 2024 getting it ready with a major 6 month promotional campaign from June 2024.

The only way the can become competitive is with major change and poaching familiar faces from Seven and Nine.


5am Ten Early News with Edwina Bartholemew
5:30am Breaky Time with David Campbell and Monique Wright. Eddy on News, Scott Mackinnon on Sport and Daniel Doody on weather. Entertainment with Angela Bishop
10am Ten Talk with Chrissie Swan, Carrie Bickmore, Eddie McGuire and Amanda Kellar.
12pm Ten Lunchtime News with Ursula Hagar, sport with Matt Burke and weather with Josh Holt
1pm The Talk
2pm The Kelly Clarkson Show
3pm Ten Afternoon News with Lachlan Kennedy. Sport with Matt Burke and weather with Josh Holt.
4pm Neighbours
4:30pm The Bold and the Beautiful
5pm Ten News (Local)
5:30pm Deal or No Deal
6pm Ten News (Local)
7pm Time to “Talk 10”. 10 of the biggest topics of the day with Karl Stefanovic, Hamish McDonald, Sally Obermeter and Julia Morris.
8pm Entertainment Programming such as reality and big shows
9pm HYBPA, The Cheap Seats, TGYH, GoggleBox
10pm 10 Late News with Sandra Sully. Sport with Brad McEwan and weather with Amanda Hart
11pm The Late Show

Ten News Local presenters:
Sydney: Michael Usher and Sandra Sully.
Melbourne: Mike Amor and Jennifer Keyte
Brisbane: Andrew Lofthouse and Kendall Gillding
Adelaide: Will Goodings and Kate Freebairn
Perth: Tim McMillan and Natalie Forrest

A big major change with large investment and a mixture a familiar faces from across all three networks.

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I know some folks may disagree, but perhaps Ten could have screened The Sunday Project at 6, Christmas with Australian Women’s Weekly at 7 and The Bachelor at 8. Then encore Christmas with Australian Women’s Weekly 7:30 Friday and at Saturday afternoon (as scheduled)

But those are different timeslots to every other channel. They don’t line up with the end of other programs.

Christmas with Australian Women’s Weekly would line up with end of Seven and Nine News. I seriously doubt Ten would mind if viewers stayed tuned into Ten for the night

Schedule for Friday Night on Seven:
6:00: Seven News
7:00: Better Homes and Gardens
8:30: Breaking Bad (Double Episode)
10:50: The Latest

Because of this, the footy and cricket will be on 7mate nationwide on Fridays only.

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Jesse we need to watch the Footy, Jesse


Here is my idea for ABC TV.


7.00 ABC News
7.40 David Attenborough’s Wild Isles
8.40 Total Control
9.40 Best Interest’s
10.40 Bay of Fires (rpt)
11.40 Harrow (rpt)


7.00 ABC News
7.30 7.30
8.00 Australian Story
8.30 Four Corners
9.20 Media Watch
9.35 The Essex Murders
10.35 ABC News Late
11.05 The Business
11.15 Changing Ends
11.45 Love Your Garden


7.00 ABC News
7.30 7.30
8.00 Back Roads
8.30 Catalyst
9.30 Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things
10.30 ABC News
11.00 The Business
11.30 David Attenborough’s Wild Isles (rpt)


7.00 ABC News
7.30 7.30
8.00 Hard Quiz
8.30 Would I Lie To You
9.00 Shaun Micallef’s Unnamed Project
9.30 Bamous
10.00 Count Abdulla
10.30 ABC News Late
11.00 The Business
11.30 Four Corners (rpt)


7.00 ABC News
7.30 7.30
8.00 Grand Designs Australia
9.00 Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure
10.00 Fake or Fortune
11.00 ABC News Late
11.30 The Business


7.00 ABC News
7.30 Gardening Australia
8.30 Nolly
9.15 The Capture
10.15 ABC News Late
10.45 The Business
11.00 Total Control (rpt)


7.00 ABC News
7.30 Beyond Paradise
8.30 Mr Bates vs. The Post Office
9.30 Blue Lights
10.30 Nolly (rpt)
11.30 Rage

Here is Seven in Late 2024

5.30 Sunrise
9.00 The Morning Show
11.30 Seven Morning News
12.00 Seven’s Afternoon Movie
2.00 The Daily Edition
3.00 The Chase UK
4.00 Seven Afternoon News
5.00 The Chase Australia
6.00 Seven News
7.00 Home and Away
7.30 Dream Home
9.00 Quantum Leap
10.00 The Latest: Seven News
10.30 Heathrow Britain’s Busiest Airport
11.30 9-1-1: Lone Star (rpt)
12.30 9-1-1: Lone Star (rpt)
1.30 Home Shopping
4.00 NBC Today
5.00 Seven Morning News