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I swear we used to have a mock requests topic…maybe I’m imagining it :slight_smile: Anyway, I have a bit of an odd request that I want to see if any of our talented mockers can help us out with. My TV Show Sweet and Sour is returning as an at-home show for the rest of this year. So I want a custom logo saying at home…However the versions I have come up with look shit. So I was wondering if any of our mockers would give it a go for me? Below is our logo and also the crude version I mocked up…120174983_1016300708846822_4091440695263087246_n


Not making one myself (likewise have not much talent when it comes to these), but something I’ve seen from TV shows that have done the same, is that some have it integrated into the logo (like the ‘show’ bit on image 1), whereas some have it ‘pasted on’ (like the blue bit on image 2). (Shit examples I know). Which would you lean towards @Travis ?




What font did you use for the logo so I can implement the same for “@Home”?

@JacobA Myriad Pro

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@Travis: I’ve made a few crappy ones. Hard to work with since the shape is weird. But overall I like the first one the best.


Could anyone help? I’ve tried, but it tends to look weird. Current one:

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