Missing Members


Yeah, I guess so.


He is very passionate. It’s a such a shame he couldn’t get his attitude under control because at times I quite enjoyed conversing with him and wouldn’t mind giving him another chance.


I think its the only way to look at it. What is great about mediaspy is most members stick around for a long time and to me its a great community to have a chat about things others don’t have an interest in discussing with me. So I didn’t agree with Mitchel’s responses? I still found it quite entertaining and admiring that he was so passionate about something. Yes he could improve on his tone but he is only young he will get there with some guidance as we all have on this forum. Same goes with Sully. I find a lot of his comments go against a lot I believe in but I respect the discussion. I was disappointed to see him leave after the ‘It’s not my Twitter Account Saga’ - to which can I just say whoevers it is should be bloody proud (yes a lot I don’t agree with) but a lot of time and energy spent in such an engaging platform and should be shouting from the rooftops that they are the sole operator of.


I certainly don’t get any hearts from @Mitchell_Nock after he blocked me on Twitter in July last year for posting in the House Rules thread what was at the time, a publicly viewable tweet of his.

But putting that saga to one side, I personally got the distinct impression from a lot of Mitchell’s online activity that any passion in TV he had was clouded by an intense fascination for the Seven Network (of course there’s nothing wrong with having a favourite network, but Nocky’s obsession with Seven was something completely different) which was probably made most evident during his spectacular meltdowns when Nine enjoyed ratings success with The Block & MAFS in Late 2017/Early 2018.

Like David, I’d be willing to give Mitch another chance if he were to improve his tone and cool it a bit.


Um, thanks I guess. Kinda beginning to wish I didn’t mention anything. I mean, after all, not like it doesn’t tell you when any member was last online or anything…


Why? Only the truth was spoken. It’s a good thing he might be reading this. Mitchell might not have realised about his behaviour before. Sometimes you have to be told how your acting or you don’t realise. I know I used to!


Why? You’re missing my point. Reckon I’ve had 10 responses about this when all I said was this member is still here cos I’ve received the occasional like from them. I don’t know them, not really my concern about how they have/have not behaved (it’s not me so I can do little about any issue anyway) in the past. That’s why I kinda wish I didn’t mention anything. Like I said, you can look up any member and it’ll tell you their activity.


I think we can move on now


Whatever happened to Anthony Segeart? He was the young fellow absolutely obsessed with Seven News and went and did a visit once.


Mainly focusing on his studies at Uni these days, the last I heard.


Thank you. :blush:


Well I’m flattered @turdall @TheMoreYouKnow :blush:

I do still lurk around here, mainly now just in the radio threads when I get a chance. Long gone are the days where I would spend my life avoiding uni work by annoying you guys constantly, sadly real life has got in the way :grin: