Misses of 2018

Discussion of flops, misses and fails in new programs and scheduling for 2018.

Australian Spartan
The Resident

Law and Order: SVU
This Is Us

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I’m a celebrity!

Date Night

The Project 6:30
The Sunday Project
Family Feud
Bondi Rescue
The Graham Norton Show
Hughsy, We Have a Problem
Blue Bloods
Studio 10

So, Network Ten in general? Lol


I wouldnt call Graham Norton, Hughesy nor Studio 10 flops.

Hard Sun

How do we know if Hard Sun is a flop or not, given the last five episodes are only available on 7plus? Seven hasn’t told us how many times the episodes have been streamed.

How did its first episode rate on main channel? Is it featuring in streaming ratings? All signs point to failure but you’re right - it could be another Yummy Mummies runaway hit we are oblivious to.

Australian Spartan has just been “axed” according to B&T but will return in AFL season in what Seven call “prime time” (so maybe 11pm after AFL games?!)


Back with the Ex.

The Mentor

House Rules?

And pretty much every program that is on Seven bar news/Sunrise/Morning Show?

Love Island?

The turbulent and troubling sex lives of Australian politicians: A Sunday Night two-week special event.


If it had been the sordid sex lives of a hot sexy celebrity couple, l would’ve been watching that!:sweat_smile:

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Buying Blind

Sports Tonight
(I was one of the 3 people who watched it)


The Single Wives…although I don’t think many people here are unhappy to see this program DOA.

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