Misses of 2015

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Continuation of the discussion in Misses of 2015 of flops, misses and fails in new programs and scheduling for 2015.

The Muppets premiered to 447,000 viewers in 18th place last night. There was a big drop for the 8pm episode that dropped outside the top 20 in 22nd place - I call that a miss.

Yea. I really wanted to like it but I thought it was a bit…meh.

The doco style takes some getting used to but I really didn’t like the shaky camera work.

### POLL

Vote for your 5 top misses of 2015

Thought we should give the new forum software a run. The shows below were those mentioned in the Misses of 2015 thread of the previous forum. Please continue to post any comments below or feedback on the poll. [Note the forum allows a maximum of 20 selections for a poll].

You can vote for between 1 and 5 shows.

[color=#E55B3C ][poll type=multiple min=1 max=5]

  • Aussie Barbecue Heroes
  • Bondi Rescue
  • Celebrity Apprentice
  • Gallipoli
  • Glitch
  • Gold Coast Cops
  • Hiding
  • House Rules
  • Mesmerised
  • Million Dollar Minute
  • Open Slather
  • Please Like Me
  • Reno Rumble
  • Restaurant Revolution
  • TBL Families
  • The Beautiful Lie
  • The Hot Plate
  • The Verdict
  • Winners & Losers

You can also add Dancing with the Stars. It has flopped in 2015.

Has or had? You’re not sending this message to us from 2015 are you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I think we’ve moved on from 2015.

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