Miriam Margolyes Impossibly Australian


Miriam Margolyes is off on a new adventure – and this time it’s personal. Miriam is returning home to Australia after almost a year overseas. But she’s not coming back the person she was. Miriam has had a heart procedure – and it’s left her anxious about the future and her place in it.

But she’s determined to get her mojo back, so on the way home, she’ll be stopping at three places she’s always wanted to explore: Perth, Byron Bay and Broken Hill. Miriam hopes these iconic locations will be full of people who can teach her what it means to embrace change and face the future, no matter the obstacles.

In this journey of discovery, can Miriam uncover what she needs? Is Australia still a place where we can forge our own futures? And can we, against the odds, find the acceptance and belonging we all crave?


A Southern Pictures production in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC and Screen NSW. Executive Producer Laurie Critchley. ABC Commissioning Editor Julia Hanna. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. International sales: ABC Commercial.

Love Miriam. Could watch anything she’s in.