Million Dollar Murders

Mysterious disappearances. Kidnappings. Hate crimes. Thrill killings. These are the toughest crimes to crack and the most complex become Million Dollar Murders. When there are few leads left to investigate police turn to the public for help to solve these crimes, offering a $1 million reward for new information, from someone, somewhere, who may know something.

Host and recently retired Detective Superintendent Deborah Wallace will use her 30 years of policing experience and insight, working alongside some of the country’s leading detectives, to take viewers inside the investigations of six chilling murder mysteries. Wallace will travel to the crime scenes, dissect the cases with detectives, question witnesses and talk to grieving family members.

Million Dollar Murders will revive these cold cases, hoping to spark a long-forgotten memory or a change of heart that will bring justice for victims and their families, and the chance of a life-changing reward for a viewer, that can help to solve the case.

Million Dollar Murders is produced by The Full Box for the 9Network.

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