Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 8, 2019

DAB+ ratings:


In Sydney, 2GB, whilst still on top, fell 1.2% to 12.1%, with Smooth steady at 9.3%, followed by ABC Sydney at 8.9% (+0.8), KIIS at 8.8% (-0.2), WS at 7.5% (-0.1) & Nova at 7.2% (-0.4). JJJ, at 6%, outrated 2MMM, after the latter fell 1.2% to 5.2%. 2Day went up 0.2% to 4.1%, but 2CH beat them with 4.3% after a 0.7% rise. MSR fell 0.1% to 0.7%.

In Melbourne, 3AW went up 0.4% to 15.6%, with Gold 104.3 at 2nd place with 11%, down 1.5% from the last survey. ABC Melbourne is at 3rd place with 9.3%, followed by Smooth at 8.5%. The biggest shock of all is Fox FM, who fell 1.3% to 7.3%, placing themselves only 0.1% ahead of Nova & 0.5% ahead of 3MMM!! :open_mouth: KIIS is at 5.7% (+0.2), whilst MSR remained steady at 0.4%.

In Brisbane, 97.3FM takes the #1 spot off Nova after a 1.5% increase to 12.5%, with 4MMM at 2nd place with 10.9%, hit105 at 10.7% & Nova at 10.4%. JJJ is not far behind at 9.6% after a 2% jump, followed by 4KQ at 8.2%, ABC Brisbane at 6.4% & 4BC at 6.3%. MSR is at 0.7%, down 0.2% from last survey.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 takes back the #1 spot from Nova after a 1.7% jump to 13.6%, whilst the latter fell 1% to 11%, only 0.1% ahead of sister station FiveAA. Cruise 1323 manages a 9.6% share, outrating hit107 & 5MMM.
And in Perth, Mix 94.5 went back up to #1 after a 2.3% jump to 13.6%, followed by Nova at 12.6%, 96fm at 12% & hit92.9 at 10.6%. JJJ scored an 8.7% share, followed by 6PR at 6.9%, ABC Perth at 6.1% & 6iX at 4.9%.


Kyle’s manager claiming the Number 1 spot.


Looking at the Sydney ratings in closer detail, 2CH’s rise in ratings is largely driven by the 65+, in which went up 4.4% to 14%. The 65+ demo accounts for 77% of 2CH’s overall audience. By contrast, in the 55-64s, 2CH is less than 1% ahead of 2Day, Nova & JJJ.

In the 40-54s, WS (8.9) is wedged in-between KIIS (9.4) & Nova (8.5), whilst Smooth (10.8) is ahead of the pack. The “Other Stations” account for 20.8% of the demo’s audience.
By contrast, down in Melbourne, Gold is well ahead of the other stations with 17.6%, with 2nd place FM station 3MMM at 8.8%. Smooth is beaten by Nova, Fox & SEN with only 6%.

Here are the Brisbane & Sydney overall ratings in ranking order:


#1. 97.3: 12.5
#2. 4MMM: 10.9
#3. hit105: 10.7
#4. Nova: 10.4
#5. 4JJJ: 9.6
#6. 4KQ: 8.2
#7. ABC Brisbane: 6.4
#8. 4BC: 6.3
#9. ABC Classic: 2.6
#10. 4RN: 2.5
#11. ABC News: 1.3
#12. MSR: 0.7


#1. 2GB: 12.1
#2. Smooth: 9.3
#3. ABC Sydney: 8.9
#4. KIIS: 8.8
#5. WSFM: 7.5
#6. Nova: 7.2
#7. 2JJJ: 6.0
#8. 2MMM: 5.2
#9. 2CH: 4.3
#10. 2Day: 4.1
#11. 2RN: 3.4
#12. ABC Classic: 3.1
#13. ABC News: 3.0
#14. MSR: 0.7
=#14. Sky Sports: 0.7


A qualified statement, their biggest ever audience still during 2DAY days?


Wow! Fox had a massive drop at breakfast in Melbourne - 2 points down. Jase and PJ went 1 point up.

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In the 2CH thread, a contributor made a great point of how to better target the music, this is a great example of it, program for the over 50’s to retirement sector.


97.3 Freshly sacked Breakfast show finally makes it to Number 1


Triple M not doing well in any market except Perth - where they aren’t Triple M. The jumble of music, talk, sport and “comedy” needs blowing up.

Triple J in Brisbane is a standout as is Cruise in Adelaide.

In the DAB+ only ratings, Smooth Relax is a winner. Combined Smooth and Smooth Relax in Brisbane is killing it.

A bit of encouragement for 2CH and 6iX as well. Perhaps they can emulate 4KQ and Cruise in time. Perhaps it’s time for 3MP to relaunch.


Melbourne’s book is entirely useless, sub-2% shifts everywhere reflects sampling more than anything

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Triple M did even better, going up by 1.5.
Mixed result for ABC Radio Melbourne. Jacinta Parsons and Sami Shah’s breakfast show finished on a high, edging up by 0.2 from last survey, but Virginia Trioli’s mornings fell by 1.7.
The evening result is even more interesting, with 3AW dropping by a massive 2.3 from last survey to 12.4, just 0.3 ahead of ABC. Seems like listeners didn’t like John Stanley’s show and cannot wait for Denis Walter to move into the timeslot next month.


As was been discussed in previous ratings threads, here are the proportion of the station’s overall audience by each demographic (40-54s, 55-64s & 65+) for 2GB, 3AW & 4BC.


40-54s: 11.5%
55-64s: 16.4%
65+: 60.7%


40-54s: 19.3%
55-64s: 25.3%
65+: 51.8%

4BC (basically a relay of 2GB)

40-54s: 14.3%
55-64s: 14.3%
65+: 64.3%

Yes, I’ve read that.

With that in mind, here are the proportion of the station’s overall audience by each demographic for 4KQ & Cruise.


40-54s: 11.1%
55-64s: 33.3%
65+: 44.4%


40-54s: 15.4%
55-64s: 30.8%
65+: 53.8%

Certainly a stark contrast to 2CH.


It maybe an across the board trend but I do not see great signs for Hughsey & Ed from these numbers


Survey 8 was not a good survey for any CHR station Australia wide with Nova100 bucking the trend and going up slightly.
Even Kiis giving away a house and a car could not increase their ratings except K&J’s.

What a shocker for Nova 106.9 their day parts ratings are the lowest of the commercial fm stations in Brisbane, Triple J are beating them in mornings and afternoons, and even 4KQ in mornings.

Day parts have become a problem for Nova right across the east coast this year. Can Irene Hulme fix it in 2020??? Will they give her the freedom to make major changes to the logs???


In the 25-39s, its ratings fell 7.8% from 23% (#1) last survey to 15.2% (#3) this survey, being beaten by hit105 & JJJ!!


I saw that, the Nova 106.9 workday playlist has gone all over the shop. Yesterday they were playing quite a few 80’s songs including Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen, then they played Purple Hat by Sofie Tucker.
All most a 2day fm moment!!!


Interesting results for Sydney’s final radio ratings survey of the year and decade.

It seems that Chris Bath left ABC Radio Sydney “Evenings” on a high. An increase for the final survey of Indira & Trevor at 2CH suggests that axing was more to do with financial pressures than the ratings, which jumped by 0.9% to finish at 3%.

2DayFM and Macquarie Sports Radio: Oh how the mighty have fallen! Breakfast on 104.1 now getting the same ratings as ABC NewsRadio 630 with 954AM in last place during the same timeslot, something which must’ve been a completely unthinkable prospect two decades ago!


The same would’ve been said about the might 2SM falling from grace when FM arrived.


Rogue survey, will be fine in two or three. Average smoothing.

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Ask any agency rep and they’ll tell you that numbers for CHR and younger-sounding stations do not stack up anymore. There’s a clear shift towards alternative and the more Hot AC sound. Young people are leaving radio, especially commercial radio, in droves. It’s YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music…

Sydney is crying out for a MIX 106.5 style station. 2DAYFM really should ease down that path. They’ll never change The Fox because of the successful heritage - but they should.

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