Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 7, 2021

Wouldn’t that mean 2SMs figure would just come out of “Other” (not listed) since the survey doesn’t add up to 100%?


Great work for the team at RSN Extra, continuing to get solid ratings for a non existent station.

NTS doing really well in Melbourne as well, obviously strong demand for hearing a minute of a segment and being cut off by a promo and something else. It’s the “you’ll never know what we’ll play next” of talk formats.

Australia Today and the various listenr stations from SCA still not listed, I’d expect some of them to do okay, in Melbourne the ABC Jazz does quite well, so I assume that the “JAZZ” station would have some “listenrs”.

The digital ratings are far more fun, as unlike the am/fm stations, you can at least imagine them changing things, rather than keeping on trying the same thing despite falling ratings.

It just seems like no station wants to blink and change their format, while they all slowly morph into the same station.



Talk Radio Dominates Breakfast

Talk Radio Dominates Breakfast

2GB Breakfast records best result in over a decade with a 19.8% share

3AW Breakfast pulls phenomenal 25.3% share

4BC and 6PR both record solid increases in Breakfast

Nine Radio’s talk network has dominated the latest radio survey, with Sydney’s 2GB and Melbourne’s 3AW retaining their clear No.1 positions while both Brisbane’s 4BC and Perth’s 6PR both posted solid increases.

2GB Breakfast host Ben Fordham was a standout in Survey 7 with a 19.8% share (up 1.0 point) and a record equalling cumulative audience.* This is 2GB’s highest result in Breakfast in more than a decade.** Mornings host Ray Hadley maintained his dominance with a phenomenal 18.3% share.

In Melbourne, 3AW Breakfast’s Ross and Russ grew their audience and retained their No.1 spot with a massive 25.3% share (up 0.7 points) and Mornings with Neil Mitchell lifted to 21.2 share (up 0.5 points), which is 6.8 points ahead of his nearest competitor.

Brisbane’s 4BC saw a station wide lift with Neil Breen’s Breakfast program up 1.2 points to a 9.3% share while Ray Hadley is again the No.1 Morning talk show in Brisbane with a 11.7% share. The station’s growth comes after its recent switch of frequency to 882 AM.

In Perth, Gareth Parker in 6PR Breakfast lifted 0.9 points to a 9.3% share. Overall, the station recorded increases across all timeslots and lifted 0.8 points to an 8.3% share.

Greg Byrnes, Nine Radio’s Head of Content, says: “These figures show Australians are embracing our live and local strategy. It’s a great result for the on-air teams, particularly in Breakfast, given the tireless effort they’ve put in throughout an extraordinary year. The power of talk radio means we can make a difference to people’s lives and we thank our listeners for their ongoing support.”

*The previous record cumulative audience was Survey 3, 2019. **The previous highest share in 2GB Breakfast was 20.3% Survey 1, 2010

2GB 873 is No.1 in Sydney with an audience share of 15.7%. This is 2GB’s 137th consecutive survey win and 2GB Breakfast records best result in over a decade.

• Ben Fordham Live is Sydney’s No.1 Breakfast show lifting his share 1.0 point to a 19.8%. His highest survey result to date.
• The Ray Hadley Morning Show is a clear No.1 with 18.3% This is Ray’s 137th consecutive survey win.
• Afternoons with Deborah Knight is No.1 with 12.0%. (Mon-Fri 12.00pm-3.00pm)
• Drive with Jim Wilson recorded an 8.6% share (3.00pm-6.00pm).
• Nights with John Stanley is No.1 with 26.8% (Mon-Thurs 8.00pm-12am).
• 2GB Weekends is No.1 (including The Garden Clinic, Chris Smith and The Continuous Call Team with a 15.7% share
Source: GfK Radio Ratings, 2GB Sydney Survey 7 2021, Mon-Fri 5.30am-9am, Mon-Fri 9am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN, Sat-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Market Share %, AP10+.

3AW is No.1 across Breakfast Mornings, Afternoons, Drive, Nights and Weekends. The station is the No.1 radio station in Melbourne with an audience share of 18.9% up 0.7 points this survey.

• 3AW Breakfast with Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft grew their audience and retained their No.1 place with a 25.3% share (up 0.7 points.) This a total of 228 wins for 3AW Breakfast (Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am).
• Neil Mitchell is No.1 in Mornings with 21.2% up 0.5 points (Mon-Fri 8.30am-12.00pm).
• Dee Dee Dunleavy is No.1 had a share of 14.9% up 2.0 points in afternoons (Mon-Fri 12.00pm – 3.00pm).
• Tom Elliott is No.1 in Drive with a 17.3% share up 1.1 points (Mon-Fri 3.00pm-6.00pm).
• Denis Walter is No.1 at night with 25.3% (Mon- Thurs 8.00pm–12.00am).

Source: GfK Radio Ratings, 3AW Melbourne Survey 7 2021, Mon-Fri 5.30am-8.30am, Mon-Fri 8.30am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN, Market Share %, AP10+

4BC 882 posts audience growth with its share rising to 7.9% among all people 10+. This is the first survey since 4BC changed its frequency to 882 AM.

• Breakfast with Neil Breen had a share of 9.3% up 1.2 points.
• The Ray Hadley Morning Show maintains its dominance and is once again No.1 talk in Mornings, with an 11.7% share (Mon-Fri 9.00am-12.00pm).
• Afternoons with Deborah Knight/Afternoons with Sofie Formica had a share of 6.4% up 0.5 points (Mon-Fri 12.00pm – 3.00pm). This is Sofie’s first survey after beginning on air halfway through the survey period.
• Drive with Scott Emerson had a share of 5.5% and is up 0.9 points (Mon-Fri 3.00-6.00pm).
• Nights with John Stanley had a 15% share in his timeslot (Mon-Thurs 8.00pm-12MN).

Source: GfK Radio Ratings, 4BC Brisbane Survey 7 2021, Mon-Fri 5.30am-9am, Mon-Fri 9am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Thurs 8pm-12MN, Sat-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Market Share %, AP10+

6PR 882 continues to grow audience in Survey 7 with an 8.3% share, up 0.8 points, and has seen audience growth in all timeslots.

• Breakfast with Gareth Parker recorded a 9.3% share (up 0.9 points).
• Mornings with Liam Bartlett increases his share to 8.0% share (up 0.2 points). The show continues to be Perth’s No.1 Mornings talk show.
• Steve Mills in afternoons recorded a share of 7.0% (up 0.4 points). (Mon-Fri 12.00pm-3.00pm)
• Perth Live with Oliver Peterson is now No.1 talk in Drive and has lifted its audience with an 7.9% share, (up 1.7 points) (Mon-Fri 3.00pm-6.00pm).
• The Nightshift with Tod Johnston drew a share of 13.8% (Mon-Fri 8.00pm-12.00MN).

Source: GfK Radio Ratings, 6PR Perth Survey 7 2021, Mon-Fri 5.30am-9am, Mon-Fri 9am-12pm, Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm, Mon-Fri 8pm-12MN, Market Share %, AP10+


Alan would be fuming. His successor soars higher and higher without the toxicity and bile. He on the other hand loses his TV platform and Newspaper column in the same year.


It looks like some of the listeners from 4BH found 693 instead of 1116 when the swap with 4BC happened.

Looking at the Adelaide results it’s not just 4KQ that’s within striking distance of #1, Cruise is also pretty close.


Yet in Melbourne, the two AM music stations are stuck at 1.5% and 1.0% and will probably never move.

Guess that’s what happens when there are a couple of FM stations that somewhat appeal to an older audience. ADL and BNE are ripe for a Gold or Smooth format on FM. Or something even better than that.


Incredible results for 3AW. Number 1 in every single slot.

Breakfast, No. 1, 25.3
Mornings, No. 1, 21.2
Afternoons, No. 1, 14.9
Drive, No. 1, 17.3
Nights, No. 1, 25.3


Its interesting that 6iX hasn’t been able to replicate the success of 4KQ and Cruise. I’m sure they would have taken notice of that.


Brilliant results for Ben, Ray and 2GB. They are miles in front. Honest question… if 2SM joined the survey, do you think the GB share would fall? Obviously they’d still rate #1, but their overall share may fall …?

G’day Marcus. It’s great to have you posting on MS … straight from the horses mouth as it were. I have no doubt if 2SM were rated then 2GB’s share would decline over time. GB has no effective ‘rated’ competition in Sydney for the centre right thinking listener (ABC is clearly blindingly left !) 2UE were for decades the natural talk competitor for 2GB but since ownership by Fairfax and now Nine 2UE has been run deader than a dodo to avoid any semblance of competition with sister 2GB. That’s why IMHO Sydney is crying out for 2SM to get serious about challenging 2GB and get into the surveys to shake things up. The time is now, the market opportunity is there for Mr Caralis.


Seems obvious Nova FM would be in the top 3 stations in the country, surprised that it is only in Perth and Brisbane (and No 1 at that). Wasn’t there a time last century when the top rated station would be one playing the “Top 40”?

AM radio for music is dead here in Perth and 1080 6iX has the worst reception on AM. If it gets the green light to convert to FM, things will change. But since that would mean 6PR would also go to FM then that would also be interesting to see if here the opposite in fact happens (do the oldies who listen to 6PR know about FM?).


Here is an interesting comparison of how the 3 big networks + ABC fared with their DAB+ listening figures across the 5 metros:


  • MMM Classic Rock - 224,000
  • MMM 90s - 149,000
  • OldSkool 90s - 139,000
  • Dance - 102,000
  • MMM Country - 97,000
  • Buddha - 95,000
  • Urban - 90,000
  • SoundCloud - 88,000
  • Easy 80s - 80,000
  • MMM Soft Rock - 78,000
  • MMM Hard n Heavy - 68,000

Total - 1,210,000


  • Double J - 206,000

  • Triple J Unearthed - 200,000

  • ABC Jazz - 193,000

  • ABC Kids Listen - 175,000

  • ABC Sport - 145,000

  • ABC Country - 135,000

  • Total - 1,054,000


  • 80s - 343,000
  • 90s - 250,000
  • The Edge - 142,000
  • CW Remix - 56,000

Total - 791,000

Nova Ent.

  • Coles - 280,000
  • Smooth DAB+ - 207,000
  • Nova DAB+ - 171,000
  • Smooth FM - 105,000

Total - 763,000


It would be logical for them to put 2CH back on 1170 where it rated a 5.0 share and have SEN Sydney as a DAB+ / streaming station.


Yes, there are 2 AM music stations targeting a 40+ audience, and Gold and Smooth going a bit younger in the 25-54 target audience, plus a few DAB+ stations so it’s ultra competitive.

Ditto in Sydney, with a bunch of over 40+ stations including 2CH, FUN and others on DAB+.

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Those figures would be wildly optimistic - some listeners would be counted against two or more stations and would then only listen fleetingly.

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That’s true but still interesting and as accurate as you can get it, nonetheless.

I think a listener only has to listen to 1 station for 8 minutes to be counted as a listener of that station.


A totally unbiased report from Nine QLD


As mentioned already, that’s not it works. It just means that 2SM’s share would no longer be hidden in the “other” category. That alone would not impact 2GB.

But putting 2SM in a survey might create some news “chatter” which might remind a few people that the station still exists, but plenty of low rating stations have had lots written or spoken about them and that also doesn’t lead to a boost in ratings.


Yes that is true however I do believe if 2SM was included in the ratings their rating could well make an impact. I am certain in my own mind that John Laws has more listeners than Ray Hadley would care to admit, I have long thought Hadley’s ratings could be well inflated.

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