Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 6, 2018

DAB+ ratings:

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In Sydney, 2GB increases its lead to 15.4%, whilst its poorer sister station, MSR, stays stagnant at 0.6%. On the FM band, WS maintains its #1 FM position at 10% (down 1.3%), placing themselves only 0.7% ahead of Smooth. Nova is still the #1 Hot AC station with 7.5%, followed by KIIS with 7.3%. Unlike 2GB, ABC Sydney didn’t benefit from the Liberal Leadership spill, in which, it slipped 0.3% to 7.5%. 2CH beats 2Day, after it went up 0.4% to 4.6% in contrast to 2Day’s 4.3% (up 0.1%).

In Melbourne, 3AW had a slight rise by 0.3% to 13.5%, whilst ABC Melbourne powered back up by 1.1% to 9.1%. On FM, Smooth is still #1 at 9.9%, followed by Fox with 9.4% & Gold with 9.3%. SEN went up 0.9% to 3.8%, which is helped by the AFL finals, whilst MSR remained low at 0.4%.

In Brisbane, Nova took the #1 spot with 12.6%, followed by hit105 with 11.7%, 4MMM with 11.2% & 97.3FM with 10.9%. 4KQ still scores well with 8.1%, whilst 4BC fell 0.7% to 4.6%, and MSR fell from 1% last survey to a fairly ‘more realistic’ 0.4% share this survey.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 maintains its #1 position with 13.6%, followed closely by FiveAA with 12.8%, whilst 5MMM & ABC Adelaide tied for 3rd place with 10% share. Cruise outrates both Nova & hit107.

And in Perth, Mix 94.5 has taken back the #1 spot with a 14.1% share, followed closely by Nova with 13.5%, hit92.9 with 10.8%, ABC Perth & JJJ with 8.3% each, and 96fm with 7.2%. With 91.7 The Wave from Mandurah being heard well into Perth’s southern suburbs, will it affect Mix 94.5’s #1 position in future surveys?


Is this the first time metro radio ratings are released on a Thursday?
MSR scraping the bottom of the barrel despite more live sports coverage on weekends.

With his show now back in front of WSFM I’m guessing that Kyle Sandilands will now claim the radio ratings are accurate.


No, it has been released on Thursdays before, whenever there’s a public holiday the day before Tuesday.

Also, here are the Brisbane ratings in ranking order:

  1. Nova: 12.6
  2. hit105: 11.7
  3. 4MMM: 11.2
  4. 97.3FM: 10.9
  5. 4KQ: 8.1
  6. 4JJJ: 7.5
  7. ABC Brisbane: 6.8
  8. 4BC: 4.6
  9. 4RN: 2.7
  10. ABCFM: 2.6
  11. ABC News: 1.3
  12. MSR: 0.4

A couple of comments.

Although it’s still close between the leaders in Brisbane, 97.3 is now last amongst the FMs. They should be doing so much better. They need to stop trying to be Hit 105 and stop alienating their potential older audience. If they were Smooth 97.3 they would be on 16%.

Horror result for Macquarie in Brisbane. 4BC below 5% (despite a weaker ABC) and Macquarie Sports on 0.4%. So much for Brisbane being their shining light on 1% :slight_smile:

Cruise doing a great job in Adelaide and 4KQ similarly in Brisbane.

No sign of improvement at 96fm in Perth.

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Looking at the demos, in Sydney, Nova is #3 in the 40-54s behind WS & Smooth, no doubt thanks to their “Greatest Hits Workday”, whilst 2Day continues to struggle in that age group. And look at 2GB in the 65+, in which they scored a whopping 37.2%, blitzing all the other stations by over 20%!! :open_mouth:

Looking at the average audience figures, 2CH’s 65+ audience accounts for nearly 80% of the station’s total ratings! I think its new GM, Cherie Romaro, has plenty of work to try and lure some more under-65 listeners, particularly from WS who may be dissatisfied by the relative lack of 60s & 70s music on the station, over. :slight_smile:


Guys - check the digital results in Sydney - everything down by miles bar a couple

Not good news for Melbourne’s Gold 104.3 and its high priced import Christian O’Connell.

A 6.7% (and dropping) rating is well below the station average across the day. And wasn’t that the reason for dumping the previous breakfast team at the end of 2017?!


Yes. And the total cume audience for every city bar Melbourne has dropped.

Though given the microscopic sample size for the digital survey it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Yes, I can see those figures, with MMM Greatest Hits being hit the hardest. Also, Urban Hits had a rather strong debut in Sydney, whilst The Edge Digital regained a number of listeners, going back up over 100k.

Speaking of which, the “Other” figure in Sydney on among the 25-39s has gone up 0.6% from 20% last survey to 20.6% this survey, many of which are switching over from Nova (who went down 3.2% in that demographic) to The Edge, as well as to Sea FM Central Coast for those in the northern parts of Sydney, to get more newer music that most major Sydney stations don’t play during the day. By a similar token, on among the 18-24s, the “Other” figure went up from 24.5% last survey to 25.6% this survey.

Good to see the powerhouse that is 2CH climbing in the ratings!

Should note that I’m being somewhat sarcastic and that I’m instead trying to highlight 2Day’s continued woes


Over in Melbourne, in the 40-54s, Nova is #2 FM behind Gold 104.3, beating out the likes of 3MMM, Fox & Nova’s sister station Smooth, who perform quite poorly in that demographic in contrast to how it performed in Sydney on that same demo. On the flipside, Smooth does very well in the 55+, thanks to the lack of an AM easy listening station.

2Day/WSFM/2JJJ/Nova/smooth all beating KIIS in 18-24???

Yeah I reckon those DAB ratings aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.


Yes, that’s right. The only demo where KIIS is #1 is in the 25-39s, whilst Nova is ahead of KIIS in the over-40s.

In Melbourne, SEN’s Gerard Whateley was the big mover, up from 2.4% last survey to 4.4% this survey.

Incredible ratings for Ray Hadley, him, Jones and the station have gone sky high recent surveys. It was just a couple of years ago it was looking ordinary, with Jones extremely close to losing to Kyle and Jackie O.

On the other hand, sister 3AW (who’d seen multi-year highs, up around 23% for Ross & John at one stage a couple of years back) has seen a bit of a collapse this year, to multi-year lows, certainly for the powerhouse Breakfast duo. Even though 774 ABC been struggling itself since major changes.

NOVA looks so dominant in Sydney in afternoons. Fox also having a return to stranglehold on Melbourne.

KIIS in Sydney may be the No.1 FM at breakfast but they are:

  • 3rd in the morning
  • 3rd in the afternoon
  • 4th in drive
  • 4th at night
  • 4th on the weekend

If only they could get the rest of the lineup to rate. Is it the music or the talent outside of breakfast that is the issue?

2DayFM’s 2.9 share at night and 3.7 share on the weekend are disturbing results.

Macquarie Sports Radio’s 0.2 in the evening is nothing less than hysterical.


In case anyone’s wondering the DAB+ results… As they aren’t listed on Radio Today-
#1 Each city
Melbourne: Oldskool Hits
Sydney: Edge Digital
Brisbane: 80s iHeart Radio
Adelaide: 90s iHeart Radio
Perth: Smooth

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