Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 6, 2016

In Sydney, Smooth holds on to the #1 FM position, going up a further 0.2 to a 9.8% share, just 0.2% shy of hitting the 10% mark! 702 ABC is the #2 overall station behind 2GB with a 10.1% share. Meanwhile, KIIS is the #2 FM station with 7.8%, followed closely by WS at 7.7%, Nova at 7% & JJJ at 5.7%. 2MMM fell 1% to 5%, placing themselves only 0.7% ahead of sister station 2Day, who is at 4.3%. 2UE went up 0.4% to 5.2% (this survey took place before it switched to the lifestyle format), whilst Magic 2CH fell by 0.5% to finish at 3.1%, beaten by ABC Classic FM.

In Melbourne, Fox & Gold were equal #1 FM with 8.6% each, followed fairly closely by Smooth at 8%. Both 3MMM & Nova was steady at 7.4% & 6.8% respectively, whilst KIIS went up 0.3 to 5.6%. In Brisbane, Nova remains the #1 station, followed by 97.3, hit105, 4MMM, 4KQ & JJJ. Magic 882 went up 1% to 3.8%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 dominates the market with a 15.8% share, followed by Nova with 11.3%, FiveAA with 10.6%, 891 ABC with 10.5%, 5MMM with 9.7%, hit107 with 9.1% & Cruise with 8.3%. And in Perth, Mix 94.5 still dominates the market with a 15.6% share, followed by Nova with 11.3%, hit92.9 with 11%, JJJ with 10.2% & 96fm with 8.4% (up 0.3 from previous survey). 6iX went up 0.4 to 5%, no doubt helped by the fact that it’s now streaming online again.

A mini rebound for 2DAY, creeping up a minuscule amount at breakie and a full point in other workdayparts. Yet still miles behind both KIIS and Nova.

And WSFM is the No.1 commercial station for Sydney’s 18 - 24 year olds.

JJJ is No.1 overall for this age group.

Maybe today’s hit music, fresh hits and non-stop hits are a little boring for the average 20 year old compared to some alternative music with a bit of Sherbet thrown in the mix.

[quote=“TV-Expert, post:2, topic:1891”]
In Melbourne, Fox & Gold were equal #1 FM with 8.6% each, followed fairly closely by Smooth at 8%. Both 3MMM & Nova was steady at 7.4% & 6.8% respectively, whilst KIIS went up 0.3 to 5.6%.[/quote]

Tiny gains for KIIS, Magic 1278, ABC NewsRadio and smoothfm. Hot Breakfast on 3MMM up 0.8 to 9.2% - increasing its lead as #1 FM breakfast. Fox’s Fifi, Dave & Fev and NOVA’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny up 0.6 and 0.5 respectively.

Gold 104.3, 3MMM, NOVA 100 and smoothfm all floating around 8.0% in drive.

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Interesting that WS is more popular than the CHR stations on among the 18-24s!! :open_mouth:
Also, it’s the only demographic where WS outrates Smooth.

In other age groups, Magic 2CH levels with KIIS at only 4.9% in the 55-64s, an age group which was traditionally one of 2CH’s strongest just a few years ago, at least before Smooth came along. Speaking of which, Smooth is the #2 station in the 55-64s with 14.7%, behind 702 ABC’s 16.8%. In the 65+, Magic 2CH is again beaten by ABC Classic FM.

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This is what Nova 106.9 would like you to know about this survey:

• Most listened to Breakfast show with Ash, Kip & Luttsy – (345,00 cume)
• # 1 Workday with Katie Mattin & Tim Wong-See 9 – 4pm (13.7% share)
• # 1 Drive Show with Kate, Tim & Marty and Fitzy & Wippa 4 – 7pm (16.4% share)
• # 1 Nights Show with Smallzy’s Surgery & Jase 7 – 12mn (12.5% share)
• # 1 cume in Brisbane with 588,000 listeners

I would love to see a breakdown of Triple M’s weekend ratings. MMM is the lowest rating commercial station (AM or FM) in Sydney on the weekends. OK - I did not count Sky. But Triple M has lower ratings than the lowly rated 2DayFM, 2CH and even ABCFM.

The sport seems to be a big turnoff in Sydney. Would it be cheaper to just play rock music on Saturday and Sunday?


Hadley was so eager to boast about his achievements he broke the 9:30am embargo and read out the ratings at 9:25am.


Very interesting to see that Smooth 95.3 had a ratings came very close to double digit figures again. Will they finally do it in Survey #7 or will they come back to earth? Only time will tell.

KIIS 1065 coming very close to being the #3 FM station in Sydney and a nearly 1% drop at breakfast (even if K&JO are still Sydney’s #1 FM breakfast show) would have to be a concern for ARN, wouldn’t it?

WSFM surely has to receive some sort of ratings benefit from the fact that Triple M’s target demographic is mainly only male footy-loving bogans?

On the other end of the scale, I’m sure SCA will be pleased that 2DayFM got a 0.6% increase to 4.3% and are beating 92.9 ABC Classic FM in the ratings this time around. The breakfast ratings have also gone up 0.2% to 4.3%, surely just enough to give Rove & Sam another year from nervous management?

I’ll wait until Survey #8 at the end of the year before commenting on how 2UE’s relaunched “Talking Lifestyle” format is faring in the ratings, but I will comment on the ratings of Magic 2CH since the format has had a few full surveys to bed in now. The ratings of Magic 2CH are really something tragic these days (should be renamed as Tragic 2CH if you as me, very original I know!), although you’d probably expect that when approximately $0 is spent on external advertising for the station. Hopefully whoever plans to buy 2CH from MRN will break the station away from the Magic Network and make 2CH sounding more local (like it was even up until a few years ago) and relevant to Sydney again.

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2UE should be happy with those breakfast and weekend results. Especially considering they haven’t really made any major changes to those slots.

Kyle and Jackie O tumble as upstart station dominates Sydney
The Sydney Morning Herald

If Smooth FM ever start in Brisbane on the FM band they will blitz the opposition,maybe taking listeners from 4KQ ,97.3 .etc


I personally have little doubt that if Brisbane were to ever have Smooth and/or 4KQ on the FM band, they would most likely rate very well and possibly even be the #1 rating station.

But unfortunately, I can’t see that happening anytime soon…

Bad result for MMM in Sydney and flat elsewhere. Don’t worry, I’m sure all those Classic Rock Digital listeners will dutifully return to 104.9FM when SCA pulls the pin on Classic Rock…Won’t they? :wink:


Ross & John have won 3AW Breakfast for like the 1000th time… :anguished:

Someone new please?

Same can probably be said about Alan Jones and Ray Hadley on 2GB here in Sydney. I think both presenters have won their timeslots in all (or at least most) surveys for the past 12 years or so.

Yes :+1:

According to the media releases today, 3AW & 2GB have dominated for 12 years.

Ross & John seem unstoppable, celebrating their 119th consecuctive survey win (dating back to the early 2000’s).

Alan Jones celebrated 102 consecutive survey wins.

Ray Hadley celebrated 99 consecutive survey wins (he gets his cake next survey :wink:)

2GB celebrated 99 survey wins (the station gets its cake next survey :wink:)

Neil Mitchell has a very competitive slot with Jon Faine on ABC, of which he has lost to on multiple occasions, although none this year.

3AW last lost around 2007 I believe? They have a handful of surveys to go until their 100 consecutive.

It should also be noted that 2GB had their worst start to a year ever this year, with the past two surveys making up a lot of lost ground.

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By contrast Brisbane continues to be disinterested in the news talk format with 4QR and 4BC beaten by all commercial FM stations plus 4KQ and JJJ.


I would of kept Mike Jefferys, he rated OK at nights.

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