Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 5, 2017

Pretty flat book in Melbourne, but most notably: smoothfm back to #1FM on a 9.5 share; Gold up 0.2% to a 9.1 with Fox falling 1.1%, #3FM with an 8.8 share. Talking Lifestyle moves ever closer to the dreaded *.

Couldn’t be a tighter race in commercial FM breakfast too (except over at KIIS, who I suspect will grab Jase & PJ from ZM New Zealand for 2018). Hamish & Andy down more than 2% in drive; currently the saving grace at Fox, will be interesting to see how that station fares in 2018 as well.

SEN breakfast up 0.5, glad to see that Pacific Star are happy for a station to hold a 3.something share overall

In Sydney, WSFM takes the #1 FM spot from Smooth with a 9.3% share, placing themselves 2nd overall behind 2GB. KIIS is #2 FM (#4 overall), followed by Smooth & Nova. 2Day went up 0.2% to 4.7%, whilst Talking Lifestyle went up 0.5% to 3.4%, narrowly outrating 2CH.

In Brisbane, Nova maintains its #1 position, followed by 97.3FM, Hit 105 & 4MMM. Talking Lifestyle fell to a new low of just 1.0%.
In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 maintains its #1 position, with 5MMM only 1% behind at 2nd place, followed by FiveAA, Nova, ABC Adelaide & Cruise. Hit 107 fell 2.2% to just 7.9%.
And in Perth, after one survey, Mix 94.5 takes back the #1 spot from Nova, whilst 96fm gets closer towards double-digit figures for the first time in over 2 years.


And for anyone who wants the Brisbane ratings in ranking order:

  1. Nova: 13.0%
  2. 97.3FM: 11.9%
  3. Hit 105: 10.1%
  4. 4MMM: 10.0%
  5. ABC Brisbane: 8.9%
  6. 4JJJ: 8.7%
  7. 4KQ: 7.8%
  8. 4BC: 5.8%
  9. ABCFM: 2.9%
  10. 4RN: 2.5%
  11. ABC News: 1.5%
  12. Talking Lifestyle: 1.0%

Matt & Meshel are doing better than Hughsey and Kate are on KIIS shares wise to competitors. Are we sure that H&K aren’t the ones being replaced?

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It’s really only in Melbourne that H&K aren’t doing so well - and that would largely be a result of KIIS’s weak breakfast and H&A’s long time dominance in Melbourne. It could also be a sign of the Melbourne audience tiring of H&K after them being on air for 16 years.

I still think 97.3 could take Brisbane if they Smoothified just a tad and got rid of the networked shows.

Ridiculous share for Breakfast with Ross & John

Massive gain for Nights with Steve Price on 2GB for some reason.

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That’s just an embarrassment. Will the Sydney bosses ever concede that TL is a dud in Melbourne and Brisbane?


I would almost guarantee you that with Jase Hawkins being the Best Friend of Gemma Fordham there is no way he would be going to ARN without giving SCA the chance to counter offer.

Gemma Fordham is also the one who created “Jase & PJ” in NZ

Hughsey & Kate are doing well in Brisbane & Sydney, the only reason I would see them coming off drive would be if they were moved to Melbourne Breakfast.

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Looking at the ratings more closely, it’s interesting to note that 5MMM in Adelaide is #1 in both 25-39s & 40-54s, with Mix ahead of 5MMM in the under-25s & over-55s.

In Sydney, 2MMM is #2 behind WS in the 40-54s, whilst it’s a similar story in Melbourne, where 3MMM is #2 FM (#3 overall, with 3AW at #2) behind Gold.

With the exception of Brisbane, the #1 FM stations in each major capitals for this survey are adult music stations, consisting of:

  • WSFM in Sydney
  • Smooth in Melbourne
  • Mix 102.3 in Adelaide
  • Mix 94.5 in Perth

From the 3AW Macquarie press release. How is Melbourne embracing the format if the ratings are declining?


Interesting to see WSFM snatch the “#1 FM” crown from Smooth 95.3. Has the music format of 101.7FM been “Smoothified” at all lately? Or has the outdoor advertising of Jonesy & Amanda playing with gold paint really been that effective? In any case, ARN will be glad that they have the #1 and #2 FM stations in Sydney again, with Smooth 95.3 now #3 amongst the FM stations and 5th overall.

I’m actually surprised that 2CH dropped slightly in the ratings this time around, what with them currently running ads on Sydney TV (quite a rare sight from this station in recent years).

One wonders if Talking Lifestyle rates higher in Sydney (even though their current numbers are nothing to boast about) purely because the station used to be 2UE? Other than that, I’m glad to see it at 0.4% in Melbourne and 1.0% in Brisbane.

It’ll be interesting to see if 2GB can maintain those absolutely massive 7pm-midnight ratings in the next survey. In any case, I won’t be overly surprised to see stations like 2GB continue to rate well for the rest of this year with no shortage of major news stories (and as a result, talkback discussion topics) at the moment!


In Brisbane. Please go lower. I want 4BH back.

Triple J and ABC Brisbane (for local news) are the only stations I listen to with any regularity nowadays. They’re doing well.


It has a bit since late last year, with WS playing modern ‘Smooth-staples’ from the likes of Adele, Bruno Mars, Leona Lewis, Leanne Rimes, Dido, Lady Antebellum, Enrique Iglesias & Pharrell Williams, just to name a few. By contrast, Gold 104.3 in Melbourne isn’t as “Smoothified” as WS seems to be.


Probably. 2UE listeners were more inclined to a talk format and probably weren’t too keen on 2GB or the ABC, so it stands to reason that they’d have had a smaller/slower drop off than in Melbourne and Brisbane where they expected people to switch from music to talk.


Brisbane’s 9 News showed a brief ‘top 5’ of breakfast ratings.

What did 7 Brisbane do for survey day?

What’s the TV coverage been like in other cities?

Interested to know what goes to air in Adelaide on their 6pm news with a very interesting book, quite a few sharp rises and falls.

One campaign of TVCs doesn’t turn a station around, not least one that has been neglected for years. Older audiences are usually harder to shift, it will need a sustained investment of at least two to three years. Marathon tactics required, not a sprint. Gradual effort, very gradual.

@FreelanceEP good to read a voice of reason on J&PJ, far too much uneducated second guessing with major talent this year.

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Here in Sydney, Nine News usually does an RVO saying that 2GB is the #1 station, whoever the current winner on FM is and maybe briefly saying what the top breakfast programs are (usually Alan Jones & Kyle & Jackie O).

Seven News Sydney sometimes does full reports about the radio ratings, but other times does similar coverage to Nine.

That’s interesting,ABC Brisbane are the highest rating AM station now,beating 4KQ, and just behind the 4 commercial FM stations