Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 3, 2017

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In Sydney, Smooth has hit double-figures, scoring an 11.3% share, just 0.1% behind 2GB!!! :open_mouth:
Further down the ladder, ABC Sydney is 3rd, followed by KIIS, WS & Nova. 2Day fell down to a 3.8% share, beaten by 2CH (who remained steady at 3.9%), whilst Talking Lifestyle fell 1.1% to finish at 3.5%.

In Melbourne, Fox took back the #1 FM position with 9.8%, with Smooth relegating to 2nd place, followed by Gold, Nova & KIIS. Talking Lifestyle fell to just 0.5% share. OUCH!
In Brisbane, Nova increased its lead with a 15.8% share, followed by 97.3FM with 11.3%, Hit 105 with 11%, 4MMM with 10.2% & 4KQ with 9%. Talking Lifestyle was relatively steady with 1.4%.

In Adelaide, FiveAA is #1 overall with 12.3%, knocking Mix 102.3 off the top spot, whilst 5MMM manages to score the #2 FM position with 10.2%. Cruise outrates both Nova & Hit 107. And in Perth, Mix 94.5 continues to dominate the city’s airwaves, but Nova is only 1% behind after going up 1.9% from the previous survey. 96fm had a slight fall to 8.9%.

Time to kill Talking Lifestyle surely. Disaster!
Triple M losing ground in Brisbane. Only a matter of time before 4KQ topples them. 97.3 not firing either.
Congrats to Smooth FM. Good to see something truly different and adventurous become a runaway success.

Talking Lifestyle is a basket case. Used to enjoy the breakfast show but haven’t bothered to tune in for months. It saddens me to see what has happened to the station under Macquarie’s management. They may as well be playing elevator music 24/7.

Chris Bath scoring some impressive ratings in the Evening slot on 702.


We have to ask again. Why don’t Nova Sydney and Melbourne emulate the Nova Brisbane playlist to boost ratings?


Being smashed by Radio National, too

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I think Macquarie set up Talking Lifestyle to earn additional income from advertisers. Killing it off means the stations formerly known as 2UE and Magic 1278 and 882 will be off air for good. (A side effect is that there will be less coverage of AFL matches in Sydney and Brisbane given it carries AFL Nation broadcast each weekend)

Speaking of Melbourne, breakfast is all over the shop (again). Fox jumps up 2.2% to 8.6 and #1 FM breakfast. MMM #2 FM with 8.0, and KIIS 101.1 up to #3 FM on 7.0. Nova 100, Gold 104.3 and smoothfm 91.5 round out the FM commercials.

On the AM band, well - Ross & John climb 1.8% to a massive 21.1 share, with ABC Radio Melbourne miles behind on a still respectable 12.2. Also worth noting that RN’s 4.7 share in breakfast trumps triple j’s 3.9.

In drive, Tom Eliott / Sportsday on 3AW pips Hamish & Andy / the de ja vu Hour on Fox 12.8 to 12.7. Hughesy & Kate on KIIS is up 1.1% to 8.8, Kate Tim & Marty falling 0.6% to a 9.7.

How did Brisbane stations finish overall ? Thanks

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  1. Nova 106.9: 15.8%
  2. 97.3FM: 11.3%
  3. Hit 105: 11%
  4. 4MMM: 10.2%
  5. 4KQ: 9%
  6. ABC Brisbane: 8.8%
  7. 4JJJ: 6.4%
  8. 4BC: 5%
  9. ABCFM: 2.4%
  10. 4RN: 1.9%
  11. ABC News: 1.6%
  12. Talking Lifestyle: 1.4%

How many advertisers do you reckon are queueing up for a 0.5 share of the audience.

I reckon Magic will be back before we know it.

I don’t think we’ve had a commercial station in Melbourne rate as low as 0.5 since 3AK back in the early 2000s.


Looking at the Sydney ratings more closely, it’s interesting to see KIIS scoring a 7.3% share in the 55-64s, placing themselves 5th in the demographic. Also, breakfast is the only slot where Smooth is not #1 FM, in which KIIS’s Kyle & Jackie O tops it. Even so, Smooth managed to outrate all other FM breakfast shows. In the 25-39s, Smooth was only 0.5% behind sister station Nova.

The last time 2GB’s #1 spot was under threat by an FM station was back in Survey 7 of 2006, when 2GB scored an 11.6% share, whilst 2Day (which had Kyle & Jackie O back then) scored an 11.1% share. The last time an FM station was the #1 overall station in Sydney was back in Survey 3 of 2004, when Nova scored an 11.4% share in contrast to 2GB’s 10.4% share. Could Smooth about to end 2GB’s 13-year run at #1 next survey? Only time will tell.


There is a trend appearing in the ratings that the Nova stations that share the same playlist: Nova 96.9, Nova 100 and Nova 919 are the worst performing stations in the ratings. Nova 93.7 and Nova 106.9 that are not on the Sydney log and have their own logs perform the best.

I agree Sydney and Melbourne need to take the Brisbane log to sound different in the markets that have KIIS, and Hit. I am starting to sound like a broken record here!!

Paul Jackson will not agree with my comments and say that Brisbane is a unique market and that playlist will not work in any other markets. Well your current playlist in Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide are giving you mediocre results in these Cities!!!

Bring back Throw Back Thursday, give us the funny grabs between songs like they do in Brisbane. Give us the Nova Brisbane playlist, and let your DJs have more fun on air. By the way Fitzy and Wippa are sounding really good and did not deserve to go down in the ratings.

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What Nova 106.9 would like you to know about this survey:


• Number 1 Breakfast Show with Ash, Kip & Luttsy 5:30 – 9am (14.8% share)
• Number 1 Drive with Kate, Tim & Marty 4 – 6pm (21.7% share)
• Number 1 Daytime with Katie Mattin & Tim Wong-See 9am – 4pm (16% share)
• Most listened to radio station - 608,000 cume

It is also the largest share for them (or any other outlet in Brisbane for that matter) since S3/2007.

It’s definitely the music which lets them down. They play the same top 10 playlist songs every day. Sometimes a song can be played every day for for 3 to 5 months. Some of those are even played twice within the same show. Fitzy often jokes about how pathetic Nova is when they play songs every two hours.

This is what’s hurting them. They have such a wider playlist during the day and on weekends but the breakfast music sounds is restricted and sounds so repetitive.

Does 2DayFM beat smooth with 10 - 17 year olds? No
Does 2DayFM beat smooth with 18 - 24 year olds? No
Does 2DayFM beat smooth with 25 - 39 year olds? No

It’s time for 2DayFM to start again. Just like vega did. Just like Mix1065 did.

And who the hell calls a radio station “Talking Lifestyle” and thinks it can gain traction in any market? Talking to No One" more like it.


KIIS brought over all their former 2Day listeners and with the combined Mix listeners were initially huge. But they then slowly lost their traditional Mix listeners.

Originally, Smooth and Mix targeted the same potential audience. So Smooth ended up on top because they pretty much picked up those former Mix listeners who don’t like the KIIS playlist.

2Day’s future may be targeting Smooth’s audience. If they now end up where Mix was before all the changes, they’d be happier.


An interesting battle is happening in Adelaide between the adult music stations on among the 55-64s, where there’s only 2.1% separating Mix & 5MMM, with Cruise in the middle. Also, interesting to see JJJ being the #3 station on among the 40-54s in that same city.

In Sydney, 20.5% of the 25-39 audience listen to the “Other” stations, most of which would be towards The Edge 96.1.

Correct - the last commercial outlet to register less than a 1.0 share was 3AK with a 0.8 in S8/2000