Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 2, 2017

Released at 9:30 am.

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The biggest shock in Melbourne ratings must be Talking Lifestyle, dropping from 2.9 last survey to 1.4. Worse than Magic which TL replaced. TL also lost ground in Brisbane but edged up 0.2% in Sydney.

Smooth in Sydney is back to #1 FM after narrowly losing to WS in the previous survey, scoring a 9.9% share, just 0.1% shy of hitting double figures & only 1.7% behind 2GB. WS had a significant fall in ranking from #1 to #4 on the FM ladder in the space of just a single survey, which is quite alarming. Further down, 2MMM fell 1.2% to 4.8%, whilst 2CH went up 1% to 3.9%. Talking Lifestyle (formerly 2UE) went up slightly by 0.2% to 4.6%, levelling with 2Day.

In Melbourne, Smooth is also the #1 FM station with a bigger majority than the last survey, also scoring a 9.9% share, with Gold 104.3 the #2 FM with 8.3%, followed by Fox with 8.1% & Nova with 7.7%.
In Brisbane, Nova took back the #1 position from 97.3FM with a 13.8% share, with Hit 105 at 2nd place with an 11.5% share, whilst 97.3FM fell to 3rd place with 11.4%, followed by 4MMM with 10.8%. Talking Lifestyle quite literally lost a chunk of its remaining ex-Magic listeners to 4KQ, with a loss of 0.6% to finish at 1.5% for the former, whilst the latter gained 0.6% to finish at 8.1%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 is #1 with 12.5%, followed by ABC Adelaide, FiveAA, Nova & AM music station Cruise, who scored a 10% share, beating out the two SCA FM stations. And in Perth, Mix 94.5 is of course at #1, whilst 96fm continues to gain listeners with their new “Real Gold” format, going up 0.4% to 9.1%.


Glad to see 97.3 Breakfast continuing it’s downward trend and Triple M Breakfast improves slightly.

Nova returns to pole position and Hit 105.3 strengthens.

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Big drop of 2.2 for JJJ in Brisbane - all ending up at Nova that was up 2.8%. Good to see 4BH’s audience evaporate to 1.5%


Not too many changes.
2DayFM is flat, dropping audience under 24, but making up for that with an increase in 25-39.
KIIS down, particularly in breakfast. Nova now #3 FM and closing in on KIIS.
2CH up a whole point from 2.9 to 3.9. Similar increases over all day parts, particularly with the over 65s.

Fox down again, now #3 FM with Nova closing in. Big drop in breakfast, with most appearing to go to Nova, but a few to KIIS also.
Talking Lifestyle has shed more than half their listeners as predicted.
SEN up as to be expected with footy season, but otherwise pretty flat across the board.

Similar story with Talking Lifestyle to Melbourne. Most appear to have switched over to 4KQ.
Hit105 have overtaken 97.3, but only just. Both still well off catching Nova.

All commercials up except for Hit107.
Mix 102.3 still #1
Big drop for Triple J, particular in the 18-24s, dropping from 27.2 to 11.3

96FM continue to go up, but still well behind the other FMs.
Hit92.9 up, largely at the expense of Nova.

From Nova 106.9


• Number 1 FM Breakfast Show with Ash, Kip & Luttsy 5:30 – 9am (12.8% share)
• Number 1 Drive with Kate, Tim & Marty 4 – 6pm (19.8% share)
• Number 1 Nights show with Smallzy’s Surgery 7 – 10pm (13.5% share)
• Most listened to radio station - 601,000 cume

Who would’ve thought we’d KIIS and Nova eat away at Fox, down 10.6 in Survey 8, 2016 to now 8.1. Expecting to see marketing ramp up - yet again.

KIIS has now overtaken Fox and Gold at breakfast, only 0.2% between each of them. MMM is back to #1FM breakfast with an 8 share, followed by Nova on 7.6

I don’t usually like to take pleasure in bad news, but I couldn’t be happier with the Talking Lifestyle disaster in Melbourne and Brisbane. I make no apologies :slight_smile:

Gee Smooth is going great - couldn’t be happier for them. Time to promote your digital stations in the other capitals guys!

In Brisbane 97.3 need to make some changes. It’s not just the breakfast show, the whole station sounds boring and repetitive. They need to “smoothify” just a little.


Anyone think Old School hits and RnB maybe isn’t as popular as Fox would like to think? Not to mention the breakfast show which keeps adding new members.

Nova now tied with Fox for Drive in Melbourne, and both beating all AM competition too by a tad.

Triple M losing ground in Sydney. Both SCA stations struggling there. The story isn’t that great in Melbourne either with Triple M and Fox both down. Triple M barely holding ground in Adelaide (beaten by Cruise) and in Brisbane being propped up by the new breakfast show. Maybe they need to rethink all the talk and sport and “comedy” and focus on being a broad rock music station again.

Anyway I thought all of those Classic Rock digital listeners were supposed to come back over to Triple M FM… (because they really wanted to listen to the cricket not classic rock)

If they’d kept Classic Rock on DAB it might be out-rating the FM in Sydney by now :slight_smile:


Was probably beating 2DayFM by that point


MMM Breakfast is #1 FM in Melb.

After 2 years it is starting to age, however I’d say they’re still the best parts of the hit network schedule.

I think Hamish and Andy’s little break did no favours, particularly with such strong competition from KTM at Nova - a lot of people would have switched to them in drive and never gone back. Fox’s lead wasn’t due to having good content (not that it’s bad) but was more just that everyone was stuck on Fox and had no reason to leave.

Not only that, but Talking Lifestyle is the 2nd lowest rating radio station in both of those cities, with only ABC News (formerly ABC Newsradio) rating lower.


If only they were smart enough to target more of the JJJ listeners with their playlist in Sydney, as Nova do in Brisbane where they have taken a big chunk away and are number one.

Speaking of which, JJJ is #1 in the 18-39s in Sydney, outrating the commercial stations, including Nova. :slight_smile:

Elsewhere, Smooth outrates Talking Lifestyle (2UE) in the 65+ in Sydney, probably for the first time, scoring a 9.2% share, which is high for a commercial FM station in that demographic. With the loss of Magic, it also scores very well in Melbourne in the 65+ with a 10.5% share.

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What is the finishing order of Brisbane stations ? Thanks

Shock to who? We saw this coming months ago.