Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 2, 2016

Very little in the way of movement for KIIS and Nova in Melbourne, each up 0.2% to 6.6 and 6.2 respectively. The same story in Sydney; 2DayFM also up 0.2% to 4.2.

A very mixed bag for ARN. KIIS1065 is down and WSFM is up, but finishing #1FM and #2FM respectively. Gold is also up in Melbourne, but only by 0.1% - pipped at the post for #1FM by Fox. 97.3 gains in Brisbane, up 1.7% to 13.8, with 4KQ down to 8.0 from 8.2. Mix is flat in Adelaide, and now finds itself behind 891 ABC, 5MMM and NOVA. Finally, some good news for 96fm - up 0.5% to 8.4 in Perth.

In Sydney, KIIS maintains its position as the #1 FM station, whilst WS rose to #2 FM, up 1.1% from the previous survey. JJJ was 3rd with 7.8%, followed by Smooth with 6.9%, who fell 1.7% from the previous survey. 2MMM scored 6.7%, whilst Nova fell below the 6% mark at 5.9%, putting themselves only 1.7% ahead of 2Day! :open_mouth: Whilst 2Day went up slightly, breakfast with Rove & Sam remained stagnant at 3%. Magic 2CH also went up slightly. Overall, 702 ABC was back in the #2 position (behind 2GB) ahead of KIIS.

In Melbourne, Gold 104.3 maintained its position as the #1 FM station, followed by Fox, Smooth & 3MMM. Magic fell slightly to 2.7%. In Brisbane, Magic fell to its lowest ratings yet at just 2.3%, whilst 4BC went up 0.4% to 5.4%. Overall, 97.3FM is #1 at 13.8%, followed by Nova, hit105, 612 ABC, 4MMM & 4KQ. In Adelaide, whilst 891 ABC is #1 overall, the honour of the #1 FM station is a tie between 5MMM & Nova, beating Mix 102.3 by 0.1%. hit107 wasn’t far behind either at 10.9%.

In Perth, Mix 94.5 holds on to the #1 position, but only by 0.1%, in which Nova holds a very close #2 position. 96fm is slowly rebuilding, in which it went up 0.5% to 8.4%, whilst 6iX fell to its lowest ratings in years at just 3.6%, no doubt caused by a new breakfast team (Goss & Maddie) that started at the beginning of this year, as well as the fact that they’re the ONLY commercial radio station in a metropolitan market (along with 3MP, who does not participate in the ratings) to not be streaming online, even though sister stations 2CA & 3GG have been streaming since November.

The 2DayFM result is interesting. A 3.0 at breakfast and then higher ratings throughout the day. I know that smooth have a similar ratings pattern but then smooth have not plastered Sydney with ads for their brekkie shift. Neither do they pay the host a substantial pay packet.

Nova in Sydney would want to be worried. 2DayFM are beating them in mornings and afternoons.

And Triple J in Sydney have certainly connected with the city’s 18 - 24 year old demographic. A quality news service and virtually no Top 40 songs can really work!

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RIP 2UE. Only Breakfast maintains some sort of respectability. Listeners are already abandoning 9am - midnight due to the inevitable changes to format.


3AW’s drive with Tom Elliott had a big increase. His share of 11.7% put it ahead of Hamish and Andy on Fox (10.5%).

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JJJ is also #1 in the 18-39 demographic (when combining 18-24 & 25-39 ratings together), beating out the CHR stations. On the other side of the demographic spectrum, ABC Classic FM is the 3rd most popular station on among Sydney’s over-65s behind 2GB & 702. In the overall ratings, ABC Classic FM is more popular than 2Day & Magic 2CH.

Sydney is quite a sophisticated market, especially when looking at specific demographics.

I think Sydney radio listeners in general are tuning out of favour of the CHR stations, other than KIIS. If you look at the ratings of the FM stations between KIIS & Nova, there are 4 stations (WS, JJJ, Smooth, 2MMM) in-between those two that don’t have a CHR/Top 40 format.

It has to be said, 15 months on, ARN got it absolutely bang-on with KIIS1065. Textbook execution. 2Day lying limp in their shadow - it’s like watching a gory car crash. The ‘hits & old skool’ format added a bit of spice but the tight, single-genre R’n’B selection wears thin after the initial forgotten nostalgia excitement fizzes out.

The woefully unimaginative Nova are now being found out too. Bieber ad-nauseum and a dated, stale breakfast show just doesn’t cut it. I’ve felt for some time that they need to do something drastic and try to borrow some of Triple J’s cool.

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Triple M Brisbane has dropped. I wonder if Brisbane listeners preferred the music onair rather then all the sport and talk? Although Rubber Room and weekends lifted so maybe not. They need to ditch Marto on b/fast.

Big rises for 612 and Spencer still No. 1, 4BC climbing slowly but I’d say most are on 612 and won’t turn back.

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Down in Melbourne, Smooth outrates Magic in the 65+ demographic, whilst 3MMM outrates Magic in the 55-64s. In both of those cases, that has never happened before.
For the record, in Sydney, Magic 2CH is still well ahead of Smooth in 65+.

I predicted this. That’s what happens when Nova start replicating 2Day. Big Mistake.

Nova started playing all this “Throwback” music after 2Day introduced their “Old School” tracks. In the process, they lost the younger demographics to Triple J and boosted the fortunes of that station even further.

They need to go back to the “Fresh” music and play a lot of indie and alternative stuff if they want to claw back their audience. They also need to cut the repetitive Top 40 music every two hours. I started regularly listening to Triple J this year after almost a decade.

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What are CHR stations?

Sydney, along with Perth, are among the strongest metro markets for JJJ. Looking at the key demo & timeslot breakdowns, JJJ in Sydney is:

No. 1 - 18-24s (as mentioned before by Nickatnights)
No. 1 - 18-39s
No. 2 - 25-39s (behind KIIS)
No. 3 - 25-54s (behind KIIS & 2MMM)
No. 4 - 40-54s (behind WS, 2MMM & KIIS)
No. 3 FM - Breakfast (behind KIIS & WS)
No. 1 FM - Mornings (#3 overall behind 2GB & 702)
No. 1 FM - Afternoons (#2 overall behind 2GB)
No. 2 FM - Drive (#3 overall behind KIIS & 702)

That’s why Nova need to go back to targeting Triple J as they first did when their slogan was “Sounds Different”. They bridged a gap between Triple J and 2 Day and ended up being number one.

Then they started chasing certain demographics which smashed that bridge and then set it on fire. :stuck_out_tongue: Now they’re losing those demos too.

I agree with @nickatnights about Triple J connecting with their audience with a quality news service. Nova need to bring back a better new bulletin with a lot more than just three headlines and get rid of the obligatory entertainment stories posing as news in every bulletin.

Thankfully, 2DayFM managed to beat 2UE and 2CH in the ratings this time and increased it’s figures (even if only slightly) although it appears that they were still outrated by ABC Classic FM 92.9 by 0.2%! :open_mouth:

There’s still a very long way to go, but if SCA can get the ratings of 2DayFM to a figure of 5-6% at the end of the year I think that would be a satisfactory improvement. Although breakfast continues to be a real trouble spot for the station. If the ratings of Rove & Sam continue to remain steady or even decrease by Survey 4, then I would definitely expect yet another change to 2DayFM breakfast by the end of the year.

One wonders if a large chunk of the listeners who turned off Smooth 95.3 in this survey switched to WSFM which itself had a large increase? It will certainly be interesting to see how both stations go in the next survey, that’s for sure.

Aside from weekends and maybe breakfast, the once ratings powerhouse 2UE is dying ever so slowly if the ratings in this survey are anything to go by. What more can I say?

Nova in Brisbane is also being impacted by the researgence of Hit 105. Nova 106.9 Throwback Thursday has so much RNB you could think you are listening to RNB Friday. Hit 105 is ahead of Nova 106.9 in mornings, Afternoon’s and Drive.

Nova Sydney is a joke same songs now getting repeated every two hours. Time to sound different again Nova’s.

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Massive ratings for 3AW in Melbourne today, champaigne corks will be popping :slight_smile:

Breakfast with Ross & John avhieve another whopping 21%+ share.

Great to see a breakdown of ‘evenings’, with Nightline with Bruce & Phil dominant on around 30%.

[Rest in peace Bruce Mansfield :’( ]

Steve Price even enjoyed a good win in his home market.

GOLD impressive again, #1FM. Great signs for ARN.

Some positive growth for KIIS 101.1’s key shows too.



Oh Magic 882 get the hint - everyone hates you :frowning:
Wish they’d just sell it to someone who actually wants the station to work, or someone who has the power of hearing - just listening to 882 makes my ears hurt.
Even if they sold it to NE and they simulcast Smooth on 882 it would surely be an incredible improvement. Although they wouldn’t be allowed to I guess with NE owning half of 97.3.

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