Member Behaviour

Same ^^ I didn’t realise things were this bad until this thread popped up. But I will admit I skim through a lot lol.


personally I have felt that MS has gotten a little more on the serious side in the past side of years - I remember originally joining in 2015/16, while we did discuss the media, we were also not afraid to crack a joke, or meme around. I get it, we all grow as people, but still feel that we all have a laugh a lot less now.


Im still here, keeping the bastards honest lol (Clive Quote haha)

Thats everywhere these days. Comedy is illegal in a woke world. Apparently


Hello Again :wave:

Have to admit that I thought we might have lasted a little bit longer than we have before the cracks started to appear again.

It’s incredibly disappointing that we’re back talking about the actions of a minority of posters and I don’t know where to go from here - I don’t like the idea of handing out bulk posting holidays, but some of what I’ve read from the last 24 hours makes me think I need to become more comfortable with that (and quickly).

I’m also not in favour of the suggestion to pause things for a period of time, because that unfairly punishes people who continue to follow the rules.

Time to think a little bit more about the future of the site I suppose.


Maybe a moderator preview system for an agreed period of time for those members you’ve identified could work?

I’m sure I speak for all when I say nobody wants anyone banned completely right?

Maybe a bit of time being directly moderated could be a good thing?


It is disappointing that some feel the need to target a small minority of posters in here and when we clap back we get victim shamed.

I am happy to let bygones be bygones now but the one thing I will say is debate gets heated and I dont think you @bacco007 or any of the other mods can stop personality clashes.

Unfortunately its the way of the world these days and people will take offense at even the slightest provocation.

But you do what needs to be done with the site.

I think in all fairness. Shaming me last night by @OnAir was a bad call when I didnt start the issue and was responding may have not been the best call as it sparked a flurry of private messages in support of myself and created division. I am sorry that I caused you that issue, from what I read though sides are beginning to form and there is a deeper division in the site before any of us had our squabble


This thread is almost like a parody now. All the fawning over each other all of a sudden like a backflip a politician could only dream of. What happened to all the threats of legal action last night - that all of us (who werent involved in) had to witness.

I don’t think the site needs a break, I think certain members do.


Unfortunately, bickering of members in some posts will happen from time to time. Although, I wasn’t aware of last night’s “issues”, the behaviour of perhaps some may be on the increase?

Locking this site completely isn’t the right way to go. I know that some topics have been “temporary closed” for a few hours in the past, if there has been tension. And when it reopens some time later, the tension had mostly disappeared, and the topic returns “normally”. That could happen?

If there are some posters who are constantly arguing with each other, could one of the mods perhaps private message them and give me a heads to to “tone it down” and a warning will occur if it happens again?


Yellow Cards?

The apology I asked for was forthcoming, all is well now.

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Ya’ll take the internet wayyy too seriously :sunglasses:


Little bit of a rant from me, it’s frustrating when you put across an opinion and get told your opinion is wrong and get rubbished over it. Just because people have different opinions doesn’t make it a wrong one.


This here is exactly what’s been happening here this year. If your opinion isn’t in the majority, you are wrong and piled on.




I really think a lot of these discussions get hyperinflated by users who do not simply just leave those sort of statements from others to the side. If someone digs their heels in, just don’t reply. Don’t say you’re not going to reply, just leave it. Anyone else reading will probably see what’s going on, you don’t need to defend yourself over and over if your argument is strong.


Time to go outside and play. Way too much screen time for a few here.


We just have to accept differences but some need to lay off the “woke” bit! Please find another way to describe those who have opinions different to yours. I am “woke” in the purest sense and proud to be. I am sure none of us want to be “unwoke” if it means what this word has come to mean to me (woke means encompassing a broader awareness of social inequalities such as racial injustice, sexism, and denial of LGBT rights). In fututre just call me a left wing ratbag! :rofl:


Haha by that logic im a right wing nut job but I like to think im liberal hehehe


I have generally took a step back from posting because of what happened in the pet peeves thread. I do agree that there are some members here do end up getting under my skin , thankfully i put them under the ignore list which means their posts are hidden.