Media Spy: The Early Years


Media outlets have much tighter confidentiality and social media policy guidelines these days. Insiders who post here need to be extremely careful the information they reveal can’t be traced back to them. There was a contributor in the early years who lost their job for revealing stuff on the old board.


I joined back in 2007. Remember visiting the forum in 2006 when Nine dropped the dots and the debate if WIN were going to go alone in 2007. Been browsing as a guest since 2005. Still here though focus is now on UHD content than Australian TV

I used to do lots of caps of STW9 back in the WIN days but now since most stations now look the same no matter where you are in Australia , I rarely do caps anymore. Missed the old days when PRGs and on screen graphics were different in each market.


Me too. Those differences are what got me into this ‘hobby’. That and growing up with 1 commercial station until 1999.


I had five until 2008:

Australia Network
Southern Cross Central
BBC World

Used to watch BBC World for an hour each afternoon after school.

First memory of Media Spy is 2010. Before that I was commenting on TV Tonight. I became a member in September 2011 I think after lurking and thereafter became renowned for low quality posting .


For some reason, mum put a ban on Network 10 (but not the multichannels) so it’s really two out of the three.
I can say that I’ve seen Seven News Melbourne at it’s finest and I tell you right now, it’s trash right now.


This has made my day “SUNSHINE”

Followed by the correction of the girl.


I’ve been a member since 2005. This forum has evolved so much. Those were the days. :rofl: Am in the industry now, after a few twists and turns.



Ah that takes me back!

What year was that?

I’m guessing around 2007?


I think it is. It was when I had my then-brand new Dell laptop. :joy:


Ahh the good old days. :hugs:


I actually think I joined here in 2002. That’s scary.


is that the better older days then?


It was different, that’s for sure. Supers were called Aston’s in those days. Haha. I was a moderator on the site back then. Gosh.


Yuck the British have some ugly words for things.


Should have the title “Forum Elder” next to your username. :thinking: :joy:


What really?


Would prefer Pensioner. Could al least get a free coffee at Maccas :laughing:


I’ve been around nearly that long too.

Seem to recall you being associated with “fuck me sideways” for a while? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:


Holy shit. Haha. How do you remember that?