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Watched, read or listened to something good recently that you think is worth sharing?

I’ll start with a TV show - Years and Years - dark and a little bit depressing, this British drama is worth a go if you don’t mind watching something dystopian. One of the best shows of 2019 for me


In the same vein, the 1984 BBC docudrama Threads which chronicles the aftereffects of a nuclear war.

Or you can watch the American one that was made the year before The Day After.

I’ve read all the books from the author of the dry. The dry was great and the lost man was good as well.

A brilliant book.

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I’m sad to report that Albert Uderzo, co-founder and illustrator of Asterix and Obelix has passed away at age 92.

A forthcoming book. Chapter 20 sounds intriguing, but I doubt that it will reveal anything we don’t already know.

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Midnight Sun will finally be released by Stephanie Meyer. Her website that was counting down to the announcement crashed when it reached 0. This is the book that had an early draft leaked in 2008 that saw the author publish more on-line then stop writing it altogether.

Siobhan McKenna, a News Corp executive who also runs Lachlan Murdoch’s investment company, has written an erotic novel. An excerpt, courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Pell is at the Vatican, which means there will be no book signings in Melbourne and Sydney.

Sharri Markson knows the source of COVID-19.

RRP is $34.99, but Booktopia is already discounting it at $27.75.

More conspiracy theories from a journalist? A book that I personally wouldn’t want to read.

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I hope the massive discounting of this book will be rapid!:joy:


This book probably isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, especially on this forum. But having finally bought a copy for myself today, the recently released Ginger Meggs book for the 100th birthday is fantastic.

The combination of storywriting from Jimmy Bancks’ great-grand nephew + children’s/teen author Tristian (who’s also the brother of former Illawarra TV newsreader Kerryn Johnston - there’s one for a Media Spy trivia night) and illustrations by current Ginger Meggs comic strip artist Jason Chatfield (who’s been allowed to include more attention to detail here than you’ll ever get in the daily or even Sunday comic strip) makes this one a must-have for any Meggsie fan.

Without spoiling any of the four stories which follow the character introductory pages, I can say there are some ​nice subtle nods to previous Ginger Meggs artists (“Kemsley Street”, “Mr Piper” and “Vivian Street”) in one story. Meanwhile in another…

Hmm, I think I know where Tristian got the idea for that one from! :wink:

Aside from that observation…the book concludes with a brief lookback at Ginger Meggs history from Jimmy’s birth in 1889 right through to the series of special $1 coins the Royal Australian Mint has released just recently, along with one “About the Author/Illustrator” page for each of Tristian & Jason.


I used to read the strip all the time, but haven’t for probably about twenty five years now! I might have a browse through the book the next time I’m in Dymocks and may be tempted to buy it.

It’s good that Ginger Meggs in still in The Sun-Herald, even though he was momentarily dropped in June last year.

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The strip itself has been carefully modernised over the last few decades, while retaining some of the familiar elements of Ginger Meggs history.

Ginge was probably stuck in the past for a while pre-Kemsley though, perhaps most evident with the 1982 movie which seems more reflective of the 1940s and 1950s (post-WWII, pre-television) rather than Early 1980s Australia from what I’ve seen!

Yeah, I think I heard about that poor decision somewhere. Thankfully common sense prevailed and the Sunday strip (mostly a separate entity from the Monday-Saturday dailies, which in Sydney are seen in The Daily Telegraph rather than The Sydney Morning Herald) is back in the current itineration of the paper it launched in.

I have been trying to get back into reading instead of consuming so much media. Although most of my reading has been physical I have recently audiobooked Malcolm Turnbull’s book. Has anyone else consumed this? And what were your thoughts?

After mentioning how much I enjoyed Boy Swallows Universe someone has given me Trent Dalton’s Lola In The Mirror; hopefully just as good.

This is the last book I finished reading.