Media Spy Awards Categories

Since I suggested bringing back the Media Spy Awards, I thought we could have a discussion on what categories could be included in 2018. Here’s my suggestions:

TELEVISION/STREAMING (excluding News/Current Affairs)

*Best Drama Program
*Best Comedy Program
*Best Reality Program
*Best Factual/Observational Program
*Best Game/Quiz Program
*Best Children’s Program
*Best Mini Series/Telemovie
*Worst TV Program 2018
*Best New Show 2018
*Biggest Flop 2018
*Program you missed most in 2018


*Best Main Channel
*Worst Main Channel
*Best Multichannel
*Worst Multichannel
*Best TV network overall
*Worst TV network overall
*Best Online Streaming or TV Catch-Up Service (can include free or subscription services)
*Worst Online Streaming or TV Catch-Up Service

*Best Branding/On-Air Presentation
*Worst Branding/On-Air Presentation
*Most Exciting Relaunch
*Most Disappointing Relaunch
*Best Male Personality
*Worst Male Personality
*Best Female Personality
*Worst Female Personality
*Rising Star Award (for personalities who’ve shot into mainstream prominence this year)
*Over Exposed Personality " aka The Grant Denyer Award"
*Personality you missed most in 2018 (for those who’ve disappeared from our screens in the past year)


*Best News Service
*Worst News Service
*Best Current Affairs Program
*Worst Current Affairs Program
*Best News/Current Affairs Coverage
*Worst News/Current Affairs Coverage
*Best Presenter
*Worst Presenter
*Personality you missed most in 2018 (for those who’ve disappeared from our screens in the past year)


*Best AM Station
*Worst AM Station
*Best FM Station
*Worst FM Station
*Best Digital Station
*Best Male Presenter
*Worst Male Presenter
*Best Female Presenter
*Worst Female Presenter
*Rising Star Award (for radio personalities who’ve shot into mainstream prominence this year)
*Personality you missed most in 2018 (for those who’ve disappeared from our airwaves in the past year)


*Best Newspaper
*Worst Newspaper
*Best Magazine
*Worst Magazine
*Best Online News Website
*Worst Online News Website
*Best News Coverage
*Worst News Coverage


*Media event 2018 will be most remembered for
*Best Prediction 2018

  • Worst Prediction 2018
  • Biggest Surprise 2018
  • Biggest Disapointment 2018
    *Most Memorable Forum Moment of 2018


*Best Contributor
*Member most likely to win Nobel Prize
*Forum Leftist
*Forum Rightist
*Most Memorable Member
*Forum Nutbag
*Most Obsessive Member (and their obsession)
*Member you missed most in 2018
*Best New Member
*Media Spy’s Mawk Member of the Year

What would be your suggestions?


Longest Forum Post?


I like those suggestions, especially “Over Exposed TV Personality” and additional forum ones like Best/Worst Prediction and Biggest Surprise/Disappointment.

I’d probably still keep in Best/Worst Journalist and maybe “Rising Star” in the TV news categories but aside from that, good job reducing my rather long list! :slight_smile:

The old awards had spots for us to vote for the best/worst in the media, so I personally think the revived version should too.

The Logies, AACTAs, ACRAs, Walkleys and a bunch of other media industry awards give out prizes related to the media highlights of the year, so Media Spy should too…even if media organisations & personalities are highly unlikely to add “Media Spy Awards Winner” to their CVs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Those are good suggestions too, even if @SydneyOnAirTV has probably already won “Mocker of the Year” by default! :slight_smile:

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one of those @SydneyCityTV analyses will take that honour all the time lmao

brb gonna make a remix of a news theme or something a la pendulum :smiling_imp:


A good list there @Travis. I think we’d be keen to cut that back somewhat, and avoid too much crossover with the categories in the TV Tonight awards


I’ve got a few ideas based on what Travis has posted

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Is this actually going to happen? I always enjoyed it when we did it back in the day.


Entries for nominations open now.

Thanks I found it and submitted my votes

Just wait til they find out we’re announcing the winners on 1 April 2019, and that there weren’t actually any winners because it was a classic Bacco April fools stitchup :rofl:


Oops wrong thread


try beat this years stitch up I dare you.



There needs to be one for Wanker Of The Year. :joy::joy::joy:


I reckon we should give it to the bloke who bumps threads 6 months after the fact…


I need to win something next year.

I was waiting for someone to say me. :rofl: In my defence, it popped up on my phone as a new thread?!?!?!?

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