Media Spy Awards 2018 - The Winners

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted

Television Awards

  • Best TV Program of the Year - Have You Been Paying Attention (Ten)
  • Worst TV Program of the Year - Dance Boss (Seven)
  • Best Presenter / Personality of the Year - Shaun Micallef
  • Worst Presenter / Personality of the Year - Karl Stefanovic
  • Best FTA Main Channel - Nine
  • Best FTA Multichannel - ABC News
  • Worst Channel (FTA) - Sky News on WIN
  • Best Streaming or Catchup Service - Netflix
  • Worst Streaming or Catchup Service - 10 All Access

Television News and Current Affairs Awards

  • Best News/Current Affairs Service - ABC News
  • Worst News/Current Affairs Service - Sky News
  • Best News Coverage - Thai Cave Rescue (ABC)
  • Worst News Coverage - Blair Cotterall Interview (Sky News)

Radio Awards

  • Best Radio Station - AM/FM/Digital/Online - Triple J
  • Best Radio Network - AM/FM/Digital/Online - ABC Local
  • Best Radio Presenter - Amanda Keller
  • Worst Radio Presenter - Kyle Sandilands

Print and Online Awards

  • Best Newspaper or Magazine - Sydney Morning Herald
  • Worst Newspaper or Magazine - New Idea
  • Best News Website -
  • Worst News Website -
  • Best Journalist - Peter van Onselen
  • Worst Journalist / Contributor - Andrew Bolt

Forum Awards

  • Forum Moment of the Year - 10 Relaunch
  • Contributor of the Year - @TV.Cynic
  • Best New Member - @KnowItAll
  • Best Member - @SydneyCityTV
  • Most Memorable Member - @Sully
  • Most Obsessive Member (and their obsession) - @SydneyCityTV (Nine News Sydney/Amber Sherlock)

Mawk Member of the Year
This year’s member of the year is someone who is a tireless contributor to the site, ensuring that ratings data is published here as soon as they hit inboxes from OzTAM and ensuring that ratings information (like the tennis last night had 1,171,000 viewers) doesnt contrivene our agreement with OzTAM, he does this day in day out with little fanfare. It gives me great pleasure in announcing this years Mawk Member of the year is… @TV.Cynic


Well-deserved winners… and losers :joy:

Cheers to more of @SydneyCityTV’s commentary on Amber Sherlock’s presenting profile :crazy_face: and the end of any prolonged chat to do with Karl Stefanovic :tada::exploding_head::clinking_glasses:

Thank you all personally for a brilliant fourth year on this forum. I’d like to think that my awareness and knowledge of the media industry has grown significantly from the middle-aged teen who signed up, to the now university student studying a journalism major!


Congratulations to all the winners. I’m pleased and honoured to receive the Mawk award from our esteemed admin panel especially for something that gives me great enjoyment.

Also many thanks for the contribution award; it was an honour to just be nominated among the other excellent forum contributors.

I also appreciate NOT being nominated for most obsessive member for use of the word “demo” on the forums.

I’d also like to acknowledge the admin team, including our esteemed leader, that keeps the forum running smoothly. I can only imagine the activity that occurs behind the scenes. They, not only keep the lights on, but keeping our community civil can be a challenge at times. Their philosophy, while it might occasionally be unpopular with a few, has resulted in a forum that has a rare combination of respect, humour and courtesy.

Mostly, however, the forum wouldn’t be much without the forum members who are enthusiastic enough to put their thoughts to keyboard (and risk the wrath of our members). Thank you for making the place somewhere worth visiting every day and please keep the posts coming!


A big thank you to everyone who voted for me as the Best Member…and I guess also the Most Obsessive Member (and their obsession) award, I’d like to think that Sully hoping that I’d take out that award got me over the line! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Knowing that they collected quite a few, how long will it be until we see “Media Spy Award Winner” on ABC promos?! :wink:


Tfw you’re nominated in several categories and don’t come away with a win



You should add Media Spy Award Winner to your Twitter profile. It might help you get a :heavy_check_mark: !


Well what I can say other than I so richly deserve this accolade.

As I consult my Academy Awards cliche handbook; I guess I have to also thank those who voted me, the judging panel, other worthy winners blah blah blah… oh and god.

But seriously it’s been fun and the other winners do seem to make an impact, so well done to them, especially @SydneyCityTV who’s proved being obsessive is good or at least gets you noticed.


I’m honoured to have even been given a mention :slight_smile: I feel I’ve come a long way from that award I won back in 2012.

But in all seriousness, I feel a bit embarrassed, there are members here (new and old) who deserve even “memorable” (for all the right reasons) more than I. But I gladly will take it.

And congrats to Cynic, I too voted for you and you’re without a doubt my fave here, probably.

Also well done to all of the other winners.

New Years resolutions (a bit late): log on less, post less ( I keep letting myself down), try to be more balanced across the networks and forums.

Sully X x


Great idea. Although as I’ve pointed out on the platform before, Michael Cain & Lee Constable/Scope still don’t have their ticks after 2-3 years on air (13 years+ on-air for Scope, but still…) at Network Ten so I’d say they’re more deserving of Twitter verification before yours truly! :slight_smile:

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At least you were nominated.


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Congratulations everyone. Well deserved winners. Thanks for bringing back the awards. I think it’s a great way to have a laugh at ourselves. It’s definitely a time consuming task so well done!

I’m starting my campaign now for the 2019 MS Awards. Expect to see ads of voting for me in the threads. I got 350-odd days, what more of a better time to start than now?!

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Commiserations! Was thinking you would’ve been outraged :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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