Media Spy Awards 2018 (Nominations)

Nominations are now open

These arent the final categories for voting, rather i’ve grouped stuff together to shorten the list - feel free to nominate multiple in each category and across a wide range of channels/people/services etc

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Are we allowed to post the nominations we’ve voted for publicly on the forum?

If not, my vote has been put in. Let’s just say that I may have selected @Abesty, @MGO and @TV-Expert in some of the (good) member awards while certain TV gameshow hosts, radio shock jocks and tabloid newspaper columnists mightn’t be so pleased with their award nominations!

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If you want

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OK then. So the post is more than just a “copy and paste” of the list, I’ve added some commentary. :slight_smile:


Best Program(s) of the Year: Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell, Gogglebox Australia, Scope
Worst Program(s) of the Year: All the dating/relationships/wedding “reality” shows - quite sad that one of them was among the highest rating shows of 2018!
Best Presenter(s) / Personality of the Year: Chris Bath, Shaun Micallef, Julia Zemiro, Lee Constable
Worst Presenter(s) / Personality of the Year: Andrew O’Keefe, Eddie McGuire, Sonia Kruger, Grant Denyer
Best Channel: ABC, Nine (main channels)
Worst Channel: TVSN, Spree TV, iShopTV, Aspire TV, SBN, GOLD and Sky News on WIN.
Best Streaming / Catchup Service (FTA or Subscription): 9Now - love the 720p livestreams!
Worst Streaming / Catchup Service (FTA or Subscription): TenPlay - not that impressive, content wise IMO.


Best News/Current Affairs Service: ABC News NSW & Media Watch - Graham Creed’s Weather Wall ensures that Nine misses out.
Worst News/Current Affairs Service: Seven News Sydney - oh how the mighty have fallen. One really wonders what Roscoe would think of the service as it is now if he was still around! :confused:
Best News/Current Affairs Coverage: Hugh Riminton’s Peter Dutton investigation for Ten, just prior to the spill - a glimmer of hope for the future of their news department & Australian journalism.
Worst News/Current Affairs Coverage: The Royal Wedding(s), all networks - of course the media lapped it up but I personally couldn’t care less! :roll_eyes:


Best Radio Station(s): AM/FM/Digital/Online: Smooth 95.3, 101.7 WSFM.
Best Radio Network(s): AM/FM/Digital/Online: Nova Entertainment, Australian Radio Network
Best Radio Presenter(s): Amanda Keller & Brendan Jones (WSFM Sydney), Lui Zacher (most recently at Edge FM Wangaratta, until around August this year) and Gemma Maddox (Hit 104.7 Canberra).
Worst Radio Presenter(s): Alan Jones and Ray Hadley (2GB 873), Kyle Sandilands & Jackie “O” Henderson (KIIS 1065 Sydney) - I’m sure plenty of people will have a hard time choosing between these four!


Best Newspaper / Magazine: The Sydney Morning Herald & The Canberra Times - a pity they won’t be sister papers under Nine though!
Worst Newspaper / Magazine: All News Corp papers and the gossipy women’s magazines
Best News Website: The Guardian Australia
Worst News Website: The Daily Mail Australia
Best News Coverage: Nine/Fairfax merger coverage, The Guardian Australia
Worst News Coverage: General political coverage, The Daily Telegraph
Best Journalist / Contributor: Kate McClymont (Sydney Morning Herald), Han Nguyen and Jasper Lindell (The Canberra Times) - the last is very recent addition but remembering his work for 2XX-FM/Young Folk Media, I can see an extremely bright future for him! :slight_smile:
Worst Journalist / Contributor: Andrew Bolt, Piers Ackerman, Miranda Divine and Caleb Bond (News Corp) - hard to believe the last one was fairly moderate, perhaps even slightly progressive during his Media Spy posting days!


Moment of the Year: Network Ten relaunch and the wild speculation leading up to it
Best Contributor: @Abesty
Best New Member: @MGO - well, he’s a new member for the Discourse era of Media Spy anyway! :slight_smile:
Best Member: @TV-Expert - as a loyal Media Spy member of 14 years who’s posts have always been interesting to read, I think he’s earned the title! :slight_smile:
Most Memorable Member: @nickatnights
Most Obsessive Member (and their obsession): @Mitchell_Nock and his intense loyalty to the Seven Network - could very well be the winner I think!

Any Other Nominations? (and what for):

Biggest Flop of 2018: Sports Tonight
Program You Missed Most in 2018: Anything from The Chaser

Best Newsreader: Peter Overton, Deborah Knight
Worst Newsreader: Mark Ferguson, Mark Burrows
Best Journalist: Any Nine News Sydney reporter who doesn’t make the “worst” category
Worst Journalist: Robert Ovadia, Laura Banks, Bryan Seymour, Josh Massoud, Danny Weidler & Neil Breen.

Worst Radio Network: Super Radio Network/Broadcast Operations Group
Best Radio Newsreader(s) - Glenn Daniel, Steve Blanda, Ron Wilson

Best Mocks - @SydneyOnAirTV

…and that pretty much covers it. I could think of even more programs, personalities & forum users worthy of an award nomination but this post is probably far too long as it is!


I assume The Mawk Member of the Year category will be retained? I hope so, instead of just ‘best member’.

It will be

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So when does voting begin?

I think the only nominations I remember were Best programs, which I gave Ambulance and HYPBA?

I hope I’ve come a long way since being crowned “Forum Nutbag” way back in my first year!

To be honest, I sort of deserved it, when I first became a member, I developed a weird fixation in the news threads, certainly 10, as well as technical/transmission talk and annoyed quite a few who kept having to correct me, etc.

I think the forum is best now more than ever, though I do miss the old “news” team, including my very short stint before the editor left and the old hierarchy names.


I miss that too. I was a writer under my previous name. Yeah, it all collapsed when the editor left, if I remember correctly.

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cough :wink:

How so?

Voting will probably begin after Christmas

It will depend on how many responses we get and when they stop coming through

EDIT: this year’s voting will be slightly different to the past too - you won’t be voting on just the nominated categories… :thinking:



Just going to say, deciding on the ‘Best Contributor’ and ‘Best Member’ is REALLY hard, especially with many knowledgeable members here.

Reminder for those wishing to add to the nominations you’ve got a week or so

I thunk I should be honored as new member of the year… just sayin :sunglasses:

When do we get to start voting or get the winners or am I looking in the wrong place again?