Media Contacts

Just a place to list Contacts details for the Media Industry, such as Emails, Phone numbers etc.

Why, exactly?


In the past I have struggled to find Contact details for many of the big players in the industry. So it would be good to have somewhere where we can share contacts for them. Just a thought, Remove if not suitable.

But why? Most news organisations have a specific email address to send scoops or tips to. Fairfax has one and The Guardian has one specifically encrypted for whistleblowers.

The thing I was having trouble with the most was finding emails for certain outlets. Example for Channel Nine there aren’t really any direct emails to each of their offices listed on their website.

There’s several reasons for that. One of which is spammers crawling the web for addresses.


Yes. They know if they did that they’d just get volumes of rubbish emails. Who’s going to volunteer for that?

Having said that though, ABC and SBS have online contact details published on their websites.

And nobody here is going to publish email addresses etc that aren’t already in public domain (e.g. already on the broadcasters’ websites)


The more you surf the web, the more you know…

You’ll find out eventually…

Can’t we just close this thread?

The last I checked, any reputable media outlet would already have some form of “Contact Us” section on their website(s) as it is. Any contact info that isn’t available publically online is probably kept that way for a very good reason.