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Lord Ivar Mountbatten, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, is expected to wed James Coyle in what has been heralded as the “first-ever” same-sex marriage in Britain’s royal family. Ivar Mountbatten will soon wed his male partner - and perhaps what makes it even more unusual is that his former wife, Penny Mountbatten, said she will give her former husband away.


Including him as part of the royal family is a stretch. It makes a good headline even though it’s not true. Being a cousin of the Queen doesn’t make one a member of the royal family.


I don’t think that’s right.

So when Prince William becomes King, does that mean his cousins Beatrice, Eugenie, Zara and Peter are no longer royals?


He is the Queen’s third cousin, once removed.


Technically Zara and Peter are not royals as Princess Anne didn’t want her children to have royal titles and both are not on the civil list as they do not carry out royal duties.


Veteran sports journalist Ron Carter has died.


oh no :confused: to think he was doing well a few months ago,



taken away far to young and to soon vale Stefan Karl Stefansson



Hilary Swank has married social venture entrepreneur Philip Schneider in a Californian woodland reserve.







man no, he was an true role model in politics - he stuck to his guns, never shied away from pressure/criticism and fought for what he believed, sometimes contrary to the party policy. :confused:


I mean, he also made sure plenty of people died.