MasterChef Australia

Secrets and Surprises premieres on W channel in UK next Monday (August 7) at 7pm.

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They all scrub up well :+1:

Jamie Oliver the right ingredient for MasterChef

Celebrated UK chef Jamie Oliver is expected to star on the new season of MasterChef Australia.

The culinary favourite is strongly tipped to be back in the MasterChef kitchen in November when the 2024 season starts filming, but just how many episodes he will be a part of is unclear.


No surprise there really.

I wonder if the upcoming season will be a shorter season, like the one we had a few months ago? Last season had a 50 episode run, compared to the usual 60-65 episode run (we did have a 84 ep and 86 ep run in Seasons 2 and 3 respectively, and i can’t see the show running to that length again).

If its a short season again, then i can see the likes of Jamie Oliver return for most of its run.

I also think for future seasons they need to reduce the reliance on this being a 5 night a week format, those days are passing. Ideally 3 nights a week say Sun-Tue would be ideal, the show already tapers off towards the back end of the week so this would follow viewership trends.

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I miss masterclass those were the best

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The MasterChef kitchen (aka Centenary Hall) will be closed to the public for this month’s Melbourne Royal Show, for the first time since the program moved to the Melbourne Showgrounds 10 years ago.

However, the Garden Courtyard in front of the MC kitchen will be open, with stalls selling sweets and crepes.



Why are they closing the Masterchef Kitchen to the public doing the show for?

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I agree. I find the back end of the week boring when it is essentially 2 episodes leading to just 1 person getting immunity from the Sunday cook off. They could definitely ramp it up by having 3 or 4 episodes.

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Idk if DM is telling the truth tho. Also Jamie has a appearance at Sydney Opera House in November


DM itself rarely has any original news. It is attributing the story to Woman’s Day. How reliable is that source though?

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Surely its part of a deal of retaining his shows on Ten as they seem to play all the time!

Fairly consistently over the years, wouldn’t say they play all the time however, and certainly hasn’t been used as much in recent years.

There was some talk about potentially having a rotating 3rd judge. I like that idea as it doesn’t put someone permanently in Jock’s place but also gives a chance to mix up both local/international talent and even former contestants to give different perspectives. If they go that direction, I guess it’s possible that Jamie could be involved for a part of the series rather than committing to a full series.

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Melissa is on the cover of today’s Stellar magazine.

The accompanying interview is an excerpt from her chat with Sarrah Le Marquand on the latest episode of Something to Talk About podcast (which you can listen here). Melissa says this will be “the first and last time” she talks about the death of Jock Zonfrillo.

I know a lot of people have been wondering that and so hopefully – for the first and last time – I can address it and we can move on from it. Let’s look at the landscape we currently live in. We can access almost every piece of information we want to know at a second’s notice.

We live in a moment in time where instant gratification is a given, and so when you can’t access information, there’s a bit of a disconnect there because people want to know why. And, for me, the why is very simple: because it’s not my story to tell. When someone leaves us, it affects so many people, whether or not it’s someone who has a public profile. When someone leaves your life, it affects a whole community of people, and each one of them is dealing with that loss in a different way. I feel like it isn’t constructive to continue to vocalise the way that I might feel, because it may impede someone else’s process. And so this is what makes sense to me… to approach this moment in my time with respect and to go gently with it.