MasterChef Australia

I guess the snap lockdown meant the Deliveroo challenge had to be postponed at the last minute.

Last year’s winner Emelia Jackson gave birth to her first child on June 4: a baby girl.

Other names:

Cast so far:

Rebecca Gibney
Ian Thorpe
Dami Im
Colette Dinnigan
Nick Riewoldt
Chrissie Swan
Matt Le Nevez
Dilruk Jayasinha
Archie Thompson
Tilly Ramsay (Gordon Ramsay’s daughter)

10 Plates Up A Winning Ensemble.

Introducing Our Star-Studded Cast Of Celebrity MasterChef Australia.

Australia’s most iconic kitchen will be bursting with an array of famous faces, when 10 of our nation’s most loved celebrities test out their home cooking skills in the MasterChef Kitchen.

Acclaimed Aussie actors, Rebecca Gibney and Matt Le Nevez will compete for the title of Celebrity MasterChef Australia 2021. They have warmed our hearts on the small screen, but can they fire up our tastebuds in the MasterChef kitchen?

Renowned fashion designer, Collette Dinnigan, will be swapping fancy frocks for the coveted MasterChef apron. Her iconic style is sure to bring a touch of glitz and glamour to the competition.

Following a stellar career in the pool, gold medal Olympian Ian Thorpe will be going for gold in the kitchen, while Korean-born Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist performing artist, Dami Im, is swapping her microphone for a kitchen whisk.

While Chrissie Swan is never short of words on her Nova 100 radio show, will she be left speechless when she enters the MasterChef Kitchen?

And will comedian Dilruk Jayasinha have the last laugh when it comes time to plate up his culinary delights in front of the esteemed MasterChef judges?

After years of battling it out in the world’s biggest sports stadiums, Australian professional football legend Archie Thompson and AFL champion and Fox Footy presenter Nick Riewoldt, are gearing up for a different challenge when the MasterChef Kitchen becomes their new playing ground.

And finally, ready to face the heat in the kitchen, is British TV presenter and daughter of internationally renowned, multi-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay, Tilly Ramsay.

Judges Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo return, putting their own taste buds through a range of mouth-watering dishes, as they discover which celebrities have the palate and skill to chop, slice and sizzle their way to win the coveted Celebrity MasterChef Australia trophy.


That’s a great line-up for season 2 of Celebrity MasterChef. But what is Tilly Ramsay doing in Australia apart from competing on the show?

This also suggests that the grand final of the current season of MasterChef Australia has been filmed and is in post-production.

They’d be careful not to judge too harshly otherwise her dad would go absolutely nuclear :joy:


Good cast.


I actually know of everyone, except the chef’s daughter. Might be interesting for a short run.

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Excellent cast. I hope this works out for 10.


For all of my concerns about a celebrity version, they’ve definitely put their best foot forward.


Good on him for admitting that he was struggling mentally and couldn’t continue on the show.Anyone who wants to be on any reality TV programme should ask themselves are they able to handle the constant pressure. I suppose some handle it better than others.It must be hard being away from loved ones for months and Brent was obviously missing his wife and child. I haven’t watched this episode yet , I imagine everyone was in tears

I just don’t understand why 10 think this is a good idea

Probably because it’s cheaper to dust off an old format/spin-off like Celebrity MasterChef than to actually develop “new, exciting, a level of innovation currently unseen on Australian TV” formats.


It will cost more if people become fatigued or the brand and they have to replace 12 weeks of the show


I also think that this is a good line up for the Celebrity version. TVTonight says that it is a “short run series in Q4”. I’m glad that it will be a short run, rather than drag it out. Just hope it doesn’t weaken the normal edition in 2022.

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They need to follow suit and make the regular season much shorter - I’m suffering MasterChef fatigue and they haven’t even hit top 10 yet!


Does MC film in real time? In that tonight’s episode the judges advise ‘come back on Sunday etc…’. Is that just for the tv episodes, or is that how they film it too?

It is just for the TV. Challenges usually take place on weekdays, they are rarely filmed on weekends. From what I understand, the show is filmed every second day or so - contestants cook on day one, do some narration during the kitchen clean-up, then come back the next day to do more recounts.