Married at First Sight

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But from the promos tonight it looks like the “experts” might reveal what’s happening and then Dan & Jessika will stay in the experiment? Cause they’re been seen filming those two on the Gold Coast together.



Viewers being spun a very tall tale

After weeks of speculation, Sam appears to have confirmed his relationship was contrived while replying to a fan question about Ines on Instagram.

“Sorry … this is TV it didn’t happen,” Sam wrote



Complete bullshit and viewers are still watching.



Even the supposed actors in this show are terrible at their job. You can tell from the outset that this was going to be a steaming pile of…



I saw part of this supposed affair on Gogglebox and it seemed contrived even in the short part shown. There was one segment of the two women involved potentially crossing paths at lifts and exposing the affair; would they see it other?; of course they didn’t; probably video recorded hours apart; it was so artificial it was comically.



What a bunch of wannabes desperate for fame and attention. Maybe because I don’t watch this show but I am not sure if MAFS is the right title for the show.

I am also not sure if we as a nation has actually grown for the better now that most viewers have defected from MKR to MAFS, making it currently the Number 1 show.



But why would they do it if they want to get on the spinoff show?



I agree, it’s really more like Non-Binding Commitment Ceremony Melodrama at First Sight! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep, it’s incredibly sad just how popular this show has become in Australia and even New Zealand. US and/or UK television will probably eventually try a version of MAFS based on the one currently airing on Nine, because we all know how much they love their trashy “reality” TV programs as well! :confused:

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Remind me next time I go on a reality show to blame the producers if I do anything that makes me look bad. I know there’ll always be people who like to hate on the show (despite not watching it) who’ll believe you because they like to attack the show for being contrived and fake as if reality tv has been completely “real” and unedited.

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You want the show to be contrived and fake?



You can only take what he says with a grain of salt as Ines seems to be saying quite the opposite. They clearly hooked up and he regrets it. However obviously the producers would have prodded them to pursue each other in the first place when their relationships weren’t working out. Just like currently how Jess is openly saying that she is staying on the show to pursue another man which is making a complete mockery of the process… but the producers would also be encouraging this given her relationship with Mick is done.

Yeah well they all live in the same building. The two girls in the lift could have been at any time of the day them just coming or going from the building that they all live in.

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Producers can try to induce the participants to do something but I highly doubt they tell them what to say or do, especially if it’s against their will.



:joy: I think you’re quite naive.

These type of shows are telling them what to do now. That’s the whole point.



One of the contestants (I forget her name, the one married to the virgin) said in an interview with Kyle and Jackie O, that the producers refused to leave their apartment until she said she use to be a lesbian.



The promo’s for this Sunday are pretty intense. I’m expecting it to be one of the highest rating episodes ever.

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If Cyrell was there. Wait for the reunion.



Big reaction to MAFS letting Dan and Jess stay on the show. A lot of people saying they will never watch the show again.



LMAO more like the number of people watching the show will increase after this ‘scandal’



Sadly you’re probably right. If tonight’s MAFS gets at least 1.5 million metro viewers, I won’t be overly surprised.



People are unliking the MAFS page at a quick rate. 45 minutes after the show finished their likes are down almost 500 people.