Long distance television


I THINK they are fed separately, at least on 9/NBN, as I remember them being in sync…

Prime7 and WIN MAY be fed off air since I think they were maybe half a second behind the Sugarloaf TXs.

I would daresay IF it is being off air, their receiving antenna is set up to minimise ducting issues.


I note you posted some DX results in the AM/FM thread, I was wondering if your reception issues today could be impacted by co-channelling due to ducting?


It was an attempt at humour - mocked images with faux w/m followed by image of reindeer stuck in antenna :sunglasses:


I tuned in my parents new TV this morning in Tassie and was surprised to see in the Southern Cross channels that there was “iShop TV” there and I thought, I didn’t know Southern Cross had put in another shopping channel. Then I noticed “66 7Flix” as well and realised we must have picked up some mainland channels. Sure enough, in the 350 range we had “Prime7 Traralgon” and “WIN Gippsland”. It was a decent quality for 7flix though when it got it, we’d get about 5-10 minutes uninterrupted and then lose it for a minute or two and then it’d come back.

So the range from memory was:
6 - Southern Cross
60 - Southern Cross HD
61 - Southern Cross SD
62 - 7Two
63 - 7mate
64 - SBN
65? - iShopTV
66 - 7flix
68 - Racing.com


That is impressive!

I’m assuming your TV antenna is pointed at Mt Barrow meaning you are getting the VIC channels in on the side or the rear of your antenna?


Yep, Mt Barrow with some from Kelsey Tier which is the East Devonport translator too but most places in Devonport have theirs pointed to Mt Barrow.


Isn’t 7flix and ishoptv already available through Southern Cross in Tasmania?


No, it’s not.


iShop is apart of Prime


Gippsland TV coming into Melbourne tonight according to the waveform.


Given my FM results tonight, I had a go at trying to get the Southern Highlands TV broadcasts on UHF 49 & 50 - being SBS and Nine Wollongong (which is the only semi realistic chance I have at long distance TV these days due to co-channelling).

But no luck.


I’m getting what looks like Prime7 on 564.5 From Mt Tassie but no luck getting any Service ID’s or anything like that.


I’m getting Nine Newcastle at my home near Campbelltown!! :scream:

This is connected with a VHF/UHF antenna aimed towards Artarmon/Gore Hill/Willoughby.

Update: I’m also getting Prime7 from there too.


Possibly the best conditions for receiving Newcastle TV in Sydney since September 2011 when I managed to pick up what was then SC10 Newcastle on the old analogue UHF-57 broadcast?

I think I’m getting weak signals from the UHF-35 to 39 block tonight, although unfortunately not strong enough to store on my equipment (let alone decode any video/audio)!


What makes tonight good conditions to receive Newcastle TV?
Does it depend on the weather?


The weather helps but overall, I’m pretty sure that the reason why TV and radio signals can often be received well outside their usual coverage area has something to do with temperature inversion.

Along with affecting radio & TV signals (interference and/or signals being received well outside their usual intended coverage area), temperature inversion can affect weather radars:

Despite those patterns, there was absolutely no rain in or around the Sydney metropolitan area.


so if its a hot clear night then say someone in ballarat could get melbourne or even bendigo???


The channel known by many as NBN right?


Instructions unclear, got dick stuck in fibre to the node.


Outside of news and the “NBN” watermark additions on the Gold/Central Coast, the station is basically Nine Newcastle (or whatever your local area is) these days.