Long distance television


Little bit of tropo around tonight around Renmark S.A.


What would you receive or used to receive prior to ATV switch off or Band II clearance from this set up:


As already mentioned on the “AM & FM DX” thread, it would most likely have been for NBN-3 from Newcastle.
I would imagine that up to the analogue switch-off in 2012, it would have been preferrable to watch NBN over the local WIN for Nine programming. :slight_smile:


During a FM radio DX opening yesterday that included good signals from Mt Dowe, this was the signal strength on channel 28 in Brisbane, normally one of the few vacant channels.

Channels 29-33 also showed higher than normal signals. These normally have low level signals from the SE Brisbane low power relays. However, it is possible that these signals were from Mt Nardi or even a mix of several signals.

This was using a UHF antenna facing toward the Gold Coast - unfortunately this antenna has to be at a very low height (below roof line) to avoid co-channel reception from stations to the north, so not the best for long distance reception.

I wonder if there are reception problems in Richmond Tweed if there is an opening towards Mt Dowe as they share the same frequency block.


A touch of tropo tonight around tonight, coming in from the Adelaide Hills (I’m a few KMs out of Renmark).

not an overly strong signal but not a bad feat for 200km+.
Pity our local transmitter doesn’t have 7FLIX.

Some funky colours with the pixelation on RACING.COM. Audio was just a screeching sound with the odd voice, will be interesting to see what the morning is like.


Another set of stations instead this morning, NINE Mildura instead lol.


Came in nice and early tonight.


WIN Wide Bay into Brisbane tonight at local strength (received with horiz UHF antenna) from 250km.


Hope you enjoyed Sky News on WIN while it lasted!


I’m pretty sure TV Cynic has access to Sky News on WIN permanently (or at least very regularly) via his reception from the Sunshine Coast! :slight_smile:


Wide Bay still coming in strong. Also, for about 30 minutes so far, SC Nine at Rockhampton on UHF 36 at 490km distance.


Rockhampton has just now faded out after about 2 1/2 hours of continuous reception. Wide Bay still going.


Video of Rockhampton reception (riveting stuff!). Wide Bay continued until 2am.


That’s dedication, video AND staying up to 2am to watch Long Distance TV.

Well done @TV.Cynic


7FLIX Adelaide this morning just out of Renmark. If I had the $$$ I’d set up a big tower to pick up Crafers, I’m thinking about contacting WIN in Berri and recommending bringing out these stations that we don’t get here. Our content from Nine and Seven comes from Adelaide anyway so it’d make sense to bring out 7FLIX and other stations.


Rockhampton and Wide Bay again tonight


I have relatives who live in Maitland S.A, their local transmitter is UHF (Adelaide prefixes) but they also pick up VHF + CH44 Adelaide, I’m guessing the VHF and CH44 would be coming from the Crafers transmitter? both are good signals too (don’t think there was a booster at all)


Yes, VHF is Adelaide (Crafers).

My Switch is suggesting that the local Maitland UHF translator is at the Telstra tower, 2 km north east of town and relays the Adelaide channels (except for Channel 44).


If the signal’s there (which it might very well be coming across the Gulf), it would be possible there I’d imagine, although I’d have to defer to those with more local knowledge.

I know where I lived in inner Melbourne we had a UHF-only vertical aerial pointing at South Yarra that got a better signal on the horizontal VHF stations from Mt Dandenong than it did from the Como Centre it was pointed at. I also managed to DX Band I TV from Toowoomba and even New Zealand back in the analogue days, despite that aerial totally not at all being designed for it


Have you ever watch TV using 25 - 30 meters antena, #myfriend ???