Long distance television


Sounds like a good DX spot.

That’s interesting about Wollongong TV because the Mt Canobolas (Orange) TV channels are on the same Block C (UHF 35-39) channels.

And Canobolas is only 110 kms from Hassans Wall vs 132 kms from Knights Hill (Wollongong) and operates at a higher power (350kw vs 250 kW).

If you were in a different spot up there you could probably get that instead.


As you drive around Hassans Walls on the Great Western Highway into Lithgow, you can pick up crystal clear Wave FM and i98 signal too. Interesting to note this isn’t just confined to radio.


Nice high mountain with a good takeoff to the south and east. The terrain west of Lithgow would block most of the signals from Mount Canobolas. I have seen two houses at Mount Victoria with UHF antennas aimed west.


Am I imagining that the neighbouring house in the image above have a legacy analogue antenna with vertical polarised elements for band I/III and horizontal UHF elements? Could it be somewhere that had mixed polarity of stations with analogue then all UHF when digital came in. Bendigo?

(It’s like CSI: Media Spy forensically examining an image and estimating location based on antenna design. )


I have family in the Mallee (Victoria’s rural north-west region) and the antenna looks as ghastly and big as that.

Though they used to recieve Ballarat sub-market transmisisons. Now with digital only, no good, most are on VAST.


where abouts in the mallee?




I think he’s asking whereabouts in the Mallee Region, not whereabouts is the Mallee Region.


Yeah its a very good spot even picked up a Sydney community channel was it C31 or something like that.


The most recent incarnation of community television in this market was Television Sydney/TVS (official callsign - TSN), but previous licence holder CTS-31 (not sure what callsign they had though) did have a “C-31” logo.


Yes in many spots in Lithgow you can listen to triple m and all the FM stations even Newcastle as well.

Many houses in the MT.Vic , Blackheath Katoomba area have UHF antennas for the Wollongong channels. I remember when I went to Penrith plaza they always had there tvs tuned into WIN , Prime and Capital.


i know where the mallee is ur fool lol i was asking where abouts IN the mallee region


North-west of the Mornington Peninsula


Yes, TVS Sydney as it was in its final years, I used to get the DTV signal here near Newcastle on UHF 29 before it was kicked off the air.


The house is in Woonona, a northern suburb of Wollongong.


From the show tonight, lots of long range installations.


Not really “long range” though. Sydney to Wollongong is a pretty short hop.

There have been earlier posts in this thread about some massive set ups in country South Australia for Adelaide TV reception, and more recently a set up in Tamworth to get Newcastle TV.


That’s in Oberon itself. Hampton is about 20 km ENE of Oberon going towards Sydney. Hampton is atop a N-S ridge with a steep drop off to the Kanimbla Valley to the ESE, giving an excellent takeoff towards Knights Hill and Artarmon.


I have a Topfield set top box that I’ve taken on holidays with me over the last few years that has over a hundred different LCN numbers and station names from around NSW and the Gold Coast scanned in (always as a manual scan on that RF channel only, so it doesn’t wipe out anything else).

This includes the Wollongong channels. So since I’m getting Wollongong FM radio coming in very strongly tonight, I thought I’d have a go at going to those “pre scanned” Wollongong LCNs (in the 1000 range on the Toppy) and waving my rabbit ears around hoping for a null of the local Newcastle channels to get them (as they are both in the UHF 35-39 RF channel allocations).

Alas to no avail. Didn’t think it would work, but oh well.


one of these would probably be suitable for a tower in the Riverland area to pick up Mount Lofty/Crafers. Would need a combo antenna as there’s CH44 which is UHF as well as the other VHF stations, would probably be suitable for Mildura/Red Cliffs as well.