Lockdown? What Lockdown?

Due to multiples states now in “hard lockdown”, I thought it would be fun to create a thread as a distraction from the horrible real world! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Each day a member of the forum will be nominated (by the person before them).

The aim of the game is to tell us all 3 HAPPY/ POSITIVE stories about an event or life moment you’ve had. Two are fake. Only one is real.

The rest of the forum have all day to guess which is real and ask only YES or NO questions with the correct answer to be revealed the following morning along with the announcement of who is next!


Let’s start tomorrow shall we? It’s only fair we start with staff. So @OnAir ! Go ahead!


Sure, why not.

  1. I played music on New Zealand TV in a band I used to be in.

  2. I’ve met two of the three last NZ prime ministers

  3. My team was top 5 in the NZ pub trivia/quiz champs in 2019.

Busy day so can’t promise I’ll be on much of today to answer these but I’ll do my best.

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Did you meet the prime minister’s through work?

Fun concept!
@OnAir what instrument did you play in the band?


What happened to yes/no answers? :sweat_smile::joy:


Should we scrap yes or no and just go for questions?

Wait. Didn’t I just get it right? Lol

Only one is right and I asked did you meet the PM’s via work and you said yes.

So I tricked you lol and me for that matter. :joy:

So is the answer number 2??

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Sorry - I thought we were playing a variation of
‘Would I Lie To You’ and you’d judge which one was true at the end of the day. Lol.

Hence why I answered the other one too :joy:

Omg what have I done?! :joy::joy::joy:

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You were right though!!

Let’s see if we can do this properly tomorrow with @TheIdiotBoxAU :wink:

I kinda wanna hear more about it! Which ones? Were they nice? Real off camera?

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John Key and Jacinda Ardern.

Both pretty nice and seemed relatively normal.

Met them through the company I work for. Ardern was very media savvy (she did a stand up at my place of employment) and knew exactly how to speak to the camera etc where as Key was a bit more laid back and relaxed.

Lovely. Thank you.

Good luck @TheIdiotBoxAU


Can’t wait to see your questions, @TheIdiotBoxAU!
Good Luck!

Sorry I’ve been offline recenty. I might not be the best candidate so can I sub out at the moment?

Who’s the sub? @TheIdiotBoxAU

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You can give it to me, if you want to.

Go for it! :blush:

Ok, here goes!

  1. I’ve been to New Zealand 3 times in the past 7 years.

  2. I have won the lottery.

  3. I have been on the news 2 times.

Were you on the news in NZ?