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Hot summer nights, beach hangs and road trips; LiSTNR’s catalogue of music fits any summertime mood or plans with 40 dedicated music and DAB+ stations, guaranteeing something for everyone, anytime and anywhere.

LiSTNR’s elf-approved music station is the only Christmas playlist needed while wrapping presents or unwrapping them on Christmas morning. Playing non-stop festive hits 24/7 and with a direct phone line to leave a last-minute message for Santa (call 1300 223 374), Santa Radio will be #1 on everyone’s Christmas list.

Taylor Swift’s Aussie tour inching closer, LiSTNR’s Tay-Tay all-day station, Swiftie Radio is the ultimate destination for Swifties, and those wanting to brush up on the lyrics. The around the clock Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version) hits guarantee fans a musical journey though Taylor’s entire catalogue.

TOP 30
Host the ultimate summer pool party by playing new and chart-topping music from the globe’s biggest artists with LiSTNR’s Top 30, be joined by the likes of Dua Lipa, Jack Harlow, Olivia Rodrigo, Miley Cyrus and Tate McRae.

Enjoy continuous feel-good favourites all summer long with easy listening tunes from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. It’s the go-to playlist when work mode is off and holiday mode is switched on, including George Michael, Whitney Houston, Madonna and Elton John.

A new station just in time for summer while enjoying nice cold beer and a schnitty at the local, this is the soundtrack to the best days of our lives. It’s the station playing the best pub rock classics and Aussie anthems we grew up with, think Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, AC/DC, Powderfinger, INXS and Hoodoo Gurus.

Tune in and chill out for the perfect lay on the beach or hang around the house, with easy listening songs from the 2000s such as Groove Armada, Lana Del Rey, Rüfüs Du Sol , d4vd and Billie Eilish.

To continue the Fridayz Live party all summer long, enjoy non-stop RnB favourites including Drake, Doja Cat, Jason Derulo, Latto, Post Malone and more!

It’s all 80s, all the time! From electronic pop, dance anthems and iconic artists like Wham!, Cher, Madonna, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and Prince.

It’s the best of the 90s! From hip-hop, contemporary RnB, dance and bands, the summer party playlist is here showcasing favourites from the likes of Salt- N- Pepa, TLC, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and Kylie Minogue.

Hear your favourite hits blended with the best summer setting, mixed ‘n mashed by LiSTNR’s DJs including the Hit Network’s own DJ Konsky.

It’s road trip season, so for your go-to tunes and the essential playlist check out Rock N’ Road Trip to hear artists such as The Killers, The Strokes, Blink-182, Kings of Leon and more.

It’s all the greatest hits you know on Triple M, just done a little differently. Stripped down and cooled down versions of songs by the likes of Matchbox 20, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam and U2.

From distorted guitars, strong rhythms, and intense vocals, discover all hard rock and heavy metal featuring Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica and Motley Crue on Hard N Heavy.

It’s good times and great country, playing the best outback and southern sounds including Luke Combs, Zach Bryan, Morgan Wallen, Miranda Lambert, Bailey Zimmerman and more!


Comments on LiSTNR by SCA managing director and CEO John Kelly in this morning’s half-year results (via Mumbrella)

We were pleased that the number of users signed up to LiSTNR rose 60% year-on-year to 1.8 million. We have recently rolled out major enhancements to improve the user experience on LiSTNR and expect ongoing growth in the number of signed-up users and in the time they spend on LiSTNR.

LiSTNR’s monetisable podcast audience network of around 7.4 million monthly listeners is the largest in the Australian Podcast Ranker. Together with strong growth in our streaming audiences, this continues to drive consideration by media buyers and programmatic advertisers. Digital audio revenue of $15.6 million was an impressive 27% higher than in the prior corresponding period.

Coupled with active cost reduction and increased listening hours, this positive revenue momentum means LiSTNR is on target to reach a breakeven EBITDA run rate during the fourth quarter of FY24 and to contribute positively to EBITDA from FY25.



- Biggest app update since LiSTNR launch in 2021 -

LiSTNR today unveils a new and improved app experience with the introduction of several new features and significant enhancements.

The biggest app update since LiSTNR launched in 2021, the game-changing features were developed following extensive consultation and feedback from LiSTNR’s 1.8 million signed-up customer base.

The enhancements will make the LiSTNR app faster, more intuitive and personalised with a full re-design to deliver an exceptional experience for users.

New features include:

  • A simpler navigation featuring: Home, Discover and Library.
  • An enhanced, fully personalised homepage with a ‘For You’ tab, giving users easy access to live radio and music stations, radio shows and podcasts they follow or have recently played.
  • New tabs to showcase the most popular content types including Radio, Podcasts and Music (with Sport coming soon).
  • A re-designed Radio tab, highlighting all 99 Hit and Triple M local stations and their associated DAB+ stations. A more relevant experience is achieved by users’ postcodes informing the prioritisation of local Hit and Triple M radio stations and local news appearing first.
  • A new, dedicated Music tab with a range of music stations to suit every mood and music-based podcasts.
  • The new Discover option enables intuitive search plus browsing by category and genre.
  • An improved Library provides access to all the content that users follow, have listened to and downloaded, plus the latest podcast episodes.

SCA Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Stephen Haddad, said: “LiSTNR has been developed from the ground up within SCA and this new version of the app, our biggest since LiSTNR launched, will deliver our 1.8 million-plus signed-up users a truly personal experience. We have listened to and taken on board user feedback to produce the ultimate audio user experience, making content easily accessible and the app faster and fun to use.

“As well as the new features and benefits, the LiSTNR app has undergone a complete re-design to look even more slick and to be even more intuitive. While users are listening, they will feel immersed in a world of great content, with all the information they could want at their fingertips. We are extremely proud of delivering an Australian owned and operated digital audio platform.”

SCA Chief Commercial Officer, Seb Rennie, said: “The LiSTNR app is enabled with best-in-class technology to deliver unique and unrivalled targeting, attribution, contextual solutions and advanced dynamic creative optimisation for advertisers ensuring that this, along with LiSTNR’s highly engaged audience of more than 1.8 million users, means the most advanced and effective digital audio solutions are now available at LiSTNR.”

All LiSTNR users retain their user accounts and preferences as the new app launches. If users have auto app updates on, they do not need to do anything. If auto updates are off, users simply update the app on their smartphone and they will already be logged in. Once updated, users will experience a tour of the new features before exploring the app.

The new LiSTNR app is available now.


It’s probably already come up before - but I’d love to know how the agreement with SCA’s Hamish & Andy and ARN’s Christian O’Connell works? And how Jack is able to be heavily involved across both ARN and SCA programs & podcasts?



LiSTNR today unveiled an exclusive new advertising technology suite of innovations and services called LiSTNR’S AdTech Hub.

Digital audio is thriving; its consumption in 2024 is on the trajectory to equal that of broadcast radio in Australia* and consumers are spending more time with audio than any other media channel*. Now, more than ever, it is time to capitalise on this audio evolution.

The LiSTNR AdTech Hub will build deeper partnerships with agencies and brands by offering market leading commercial opportunities in digital audio and is accessible from today. This new suite leverages LiSTNR’s owned and operated model with its engaged known user base of 1.8 million-plus listeners.

The introduction of LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub delivers brands unrivalled creative opportunities and privacy-focused use of data. LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub’s ‘big three bets’ include increased personalisation and targeting, extensive dynamic creative optimisation and an Australian based CDP and first party data clean room solutions and services. Together these innovative technology capabilities and services deliver exciting and effective advertising outcomes and sets LiSTNR apart as the most advanced, data led and privacy compliant digital audio platform for brands in 2024.

Digitization at LiSTNR is now complete and, with its digital audio audiences surging, its premium commercialisation now means the benefits of building an owned and operated digital audio platform are ready for advertisers to access bespoke and effective solutions. Facilitating this new technology suite and services is LiSTNR’s new and improved app, which was revealed in February. The new app upgrade is the biggest since LiSTNR launched in 2021, making it faster, more intuitive, and personalised, to deliver a truly exceptional user experience. Listeners will feel immersed in a world of great audio content with all the entertainment they could possibly want at their fingertips.

SCA’s Chief Commercial Officer, Seb Rennie, said: “LiSTNR’s new and advanced LiSTNR AdTech Hub brings together the massive reach and audience of digital audio across LiSTNR’s owned and partner brands, without geographic boundaries. LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub will enable the measurement of every campaign’s ROI across an unrivalled audio ecosystem.
“This will ensure our advertiser’s budgets go further, and engage more people, more effectively. It is a game-changer for the audio industry, business owners, marketers and media agencies.”

Executive Head of LiSTNR Commercial, Olly Newton, said: “When it comes to advertising to digital audiences in 2024, times have never been more challenging for brands. As the industry adapts to the discontinuation of third-party cookies, advertisers must explore alternative privacy-preserving data solutions to anticipate the evolving digital landscape. LiSTNR’s new app, along with its new AdTech Hub and advanced technology capabilities and services, will offer a frictionless universe of advertising options that deliver ROI for brands and add value for advertisers and listeners.”

Hatched Head of Digital, Data & Tech, Denise McCormack, said: “At Hatched we understand that the ability to safely and effectively apply our clients’ data via clean room solutions will be pivotal to campaign successes in 2024 and beyond. We’re excited by LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub, as its perfectly aligned to our business strategy and our addressable product, HatchedID. We can’t wait to work alongside them to advance the Australian digital audio industry.”

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Jack is “talent”, but not the likes of Hamish and Andy or Christian O’Connell. I’d say ARN and SCA had no issues with him floating between a podcast and a breakfast radio show.

It might be different if Hamish and Andy were still on radio, podcasts are different.


What an absolute con. More lipstick on a pig. Their music track is right, tick tick boom, blown up by the ARN merger with iHeart the best established brand.

They may fool as agencies with their spin, very few beyond that.

Grandpa Tothill still on the Listnr balance sheet enjoying the SCA protection racket for aged radio execs. A lot of cost tied to Listnr and very little productivity gain.

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LiSTNR today announced a key partner to further accelerate its data cleanroom strategy with DataCo Technologies. The additional data cleanroom solution will allow advertisers to integrate their own databases with LiSTNR’s 1.95 million first party database that ensures both campaign effectiveness and local safety and privacy compliancy.

DataCo Technologies is a leading home-grown, Australian cleanroom solution with access to merchant data from Australia’s leading banks and global financial data providers.

DataCo was developed inside the Business Creation Lab of 1835i, the innovation partner to ANZ Bank, where its platform meets the compliance needs of enterprise collaboration in highly regulated industries but in a way that makes data collaboration accessible to all businesses. DataCo’s aim is to accelerate the safe and responsible use of data between organisations to solve business challenges and fuel innovation.

LiSTNR has chosen to partner with DataCo’s Cleanroom Data Collaboration Platform as it offers bank grade security and privacy protection, without the technical complexity found in many other solutions in the market. LiSTNR is the only digital audio platform to partner with DataCo and the cleanroom solution is a managed service for brands, rather than self-serve, ensuring that brands get maximum return on marketing investment.

The DataCo cleanroom will enable brands to make use of their own databases in conjunction with LiSTNR’s first party database in a safe and privacy compliant way, which will enable a wealth of consumer insights.

Advertiser data processed through DataCo’s proprietary technology undergoes a one-way transformation that protects personally identifiable information, preventing any exposure outside the respective organisations.

Under the partnership, LiSTNR’s first party data can be dissected at a segment or spending level, such as which content is listened to by people who spend money on grocery products or if consumers are listening to a particular podcast, and what categories of spend they index highest in.

For LiSTNR, the partnership provides a better understanding of the consumers of LiSTNR’s content across the platform as well as their spending habits outside the LiSTNR ecosystem. This will enable LiSTNR to better cross promote content, make in app recommendations to users, and recommend content that brands should include in their media plans to generate the greatest return on investment.

One early adopter and key launch partner is Uber Eats. The technology platform will look to create a rewarding listener experience by offering discounts and promotions to specific audience cohorts.

Uber ANZ Director Local Operations, Beth Pondo, said: “We offer millions of Australians a highly curated experience on our platform, helping them go anywhere and get anything in the very moment they need. Naturally we’re excited to be working with the LiSTNR Cleanroom in the same way - to use technology to provide listeners with more personally relevant offers.”

SCA Executive Head – LiSTNR Commercial, Olly Newton, said: “We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with DataCo with another cleanroom solution on LiSTNR. Being able to data match is the highest value property that you can buy in digital audio because it enables ad dollars to work harder.

“The combination of first party data from LiSTNR, now enhanced with financial data from DataCo and an advertiser’s own data, means brands benefit from enhanced planning insights, greater campaign performance and optimisation capabilities unrivalled by other Australian audio platforms.

“LiSTNR is the fastest growing player in the fastest growing media sector of digital audio. The delivery of attributable, effective and engaging campaigns without friction makes LiSTNR a must have component of a media mix.”

DataCo CEO, Rami Mukhtar, said: “We’re excited to partner with SCA, Australia’s leading digital audio platform, to drive improved marketing outcomes for several local and global brands. This collaboration underscores our commitment to simple, privacy preserving and secure data solutions which deliver measurable results for our clients.”

The partnership with DataCo follows the launch in April of LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub, an exclusive advertising technology suite of innovations and services. The hub enables increased personalisation and targeting, extensive dynamic creative optimisation, an Australian based customer data platform, ad server and a range of first party data cleanroom solutions and services. The AdTech Hub has driven more than 150 new advertisers to the platform in just the first four weeks of its launch, and across all advertising categories, demonstrating the strong interest in digital audio and LiSTNR in particular.


Gather as much pretend data as you like, not fooling any clients.

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Ace Radio stations have popped up on LiSTNR.


No longer on iHeart? I know 3MP are very public letting everyone know they can stream on DAB+ and the iHeart Radio app.

Or are they on both?


On both (for now at least)


Probably more advantages than disadvantages to being non-exclusive.

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