Listing Melbourne

High-stakes deals, demanding clients and unbreakable bonds make the 9Network’s hot new series Listing Melbourne your new pleasure for addictive viewing next year.

Six elite real estate agents navigate Melbourne’s property market, showcasing opulent homes while juggling their complicated personal lives in a program that gives viewers a captivating glimpse into one of the most glamorous real estate markets in the world.

Listing Melbourne is produced by Abode Entertainment for the 9Network.


Would having Melbourne in the title turn off folks in Sydney :wink:

Maybe they should’ve tried to get the production rights of Luxe Listings off Amazon and make it a nation-wide series.


Or even if they did a Luxe Listings Melbourne, it would be better than just a same same but different series.

Interested in this. Could be good to replay on weekend late afternoons alongside other local content leading into news.