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“Extreme downsizing” hits Australia as LifeStyle HOME premieres a brand new series,Tiny House Australia on Monday, January 4, 9.30pm AEDT.

The “tiny house” movement has spread from Britain to the US and now Australia as space-conscious folk downsize to homes as small as 10 square metres.

Whether it’s their home, holiday house, cute cottage, rural retreat or beloved beach shack, thousands are reaping the benefits of tiny living, enjoying quality of life at a fraction of the price.

Yet the trick is to get as much of the charm and functionality of a big home into those tiny houses without compromising the “tiny house” spirit.

Follow eight Australian couples as they search for the perfect tiny house in a new, locally made series Tiny House: Australia.

Selling Houses Australia host Andrew Winter guides the couples over eight weeks as they consider three homes in each epiosde.

Australia has some of the largest homes in the world – with an average of 243 square metres – so it will be fascinating to see what can be done with a fraction of the size and a “little” inspiration … as well as the ultimate choices our couples make.

Be amazed when Tiny House Australia premieres on Monday January 4 at 9.30pm on LifeStyle HOME.

I have to say I love this channel. “Love It Or List It,” “Tiny House,” “Selling Houses,” “Grand Designs” et al keeps me going… hopefully 9Life will be in our area soon and I’ll really struggle to get off the couch.

An interesting article from The Telegraph, interviewing host Andrew Winter about Tiny Homes Australia.

He reveals that it was made for a US network (A&E) to be screened in the US, but was added as a “local flavour.”

Winter laughs that he and the Lifestyle channels team “basically completely ignored” the US script that came with the footage “because people didn’t live ‘beside the bush’ they lived ‘in the woods’.”

It’s a movement that’s sweeping the world – ‘going tiny’ as people trade in space for simplicity. And now Australians are embracing small too as Selling Houses Australia’s Andrew Winter discovers in this intriguing local series, Tiny House Australia.

In a country like Australia where homes are among the largest in the world, with an average house coming in at 243 square metres, tiny houses – with some measuring just 10 square metres – are proving that size doesn’t matter, it’s creativity that counts.

Each 30 minute episode follows real prospective homebuyers on a quest to find their mini dream home. But even though these homes are small in stature, the challenges of finding the perfect mini-home is as big as, or even bigger than, any real estate hunt.

With three homes to choose from in each episode, our buyers will have a tough choice deciding which small space to go for, because picking the right one is a huge decision.

Viewers will meet Alanna and Zeb, who hope to leave big-city Brisbane and move two hours away to small-town Kin Kin, QLD. They’re on the hunt for a simpler, stress-free life, and a tiny home with land so they can raise livestock and live sustainably. But with her strict budget and his need for a big kitchen, will they be able to find the right home to fit their family of five?

Then there is Taylah and Thomas who, after dating for three years, have decided to buy their first tiny home together. Thomas is a high school teacher and Taylah is just starting college, and although this young couple wants to go tiny, they want a home that’s spacious enough to each have their own private space. With a small budget and differing views, will they find a home to suit their individual tastes, or will going tiny be a recipe for disaster?

From a 29 sqm tent house to a 37 sqm tiny tower loft, our families soon learn that despite being small, the tiny house movement isn’t necessarily about sacrifice.

Monday January 4 at 9.30pm on LifeStyle HOME.

Good thing Foxtel is really starting to seed a broad range of local content into the Lifestyle channels… especially with most British and US content finding a home on multi-channels these days.


**Brand new locally-produced 10-part series premieres on **

Wednesday, September 28 at 8:30pm on LifeStyle HOME.

LifeStyle HOME’s spectacular new property show I Own Australia’s Best Home takes a sticky beak inside some of the country’s most stylish and breathtaking abodes to find the owner of Australia’s Best Home.

Three renowned Australian experts, interior designers Gillian Khaw and Tim Leveson, and architect Nick Tobias, will scour Australia to find some of our most stunning homes, meet the owners and live with them for 24 hours to experience the day-to-day wonder of living in style.

I Own Australia’s Best Home isn’t just about great design, exclusive houses or luxury living; it’s about ordinary and extraordinary people who have toiled over the build, design or décor of their houses, people who have left their own idiosyncratic stamp on a property and people who feel proud enough to stand up and announce to the nation ‘I Own Australia’s Best Home!’

In each episode, three spectacular Australian homes will be the stars of the show, with Gillian, Tim and Nick taking a magnifying glass to these dwellings.

Tasked to each find an exceptional property to explore, they will spend 24 hours in these homes, getting to grips with and extolling all the great features that make the houses so special. They will get to know the owners and their families, and really find out what has driven them to design and build their houses and, of course, what it feels like to live in some of Australia’s most beautiful homes.

The ultimate decision is up to the viewers who will then vote for which of the three spectacular residences go through to the Final.

Hannah Barnes, General Manager of Foxtel’s LifeStyle Channels says: “I Own Australia’s Best Home is the ultimate in property porn. Gillian, Nick and Tim are a knockout and great addition to the Lifestyle family. I Own Australia’s Best Home showcases some of the most incredible homes across the whole of Australia and proves that a home is much more than a house.”

Packed with great design ideas, amazing architecture and inspirational interiors, I Own Australia’s Best Home is compelling viewing for anyone interested in making their house a home.

I Own Australia’s Best Home is a FremantleMedia Australia production for Foxtel.


From Wednesday 19 October at 9.30pm AEST

One of Australia’s most loved interior designers and television presenters, Shaynna Blaze, is set to take on her biggest and most personal project yet in DEADLINE DESIGN WITH SHAYNNA BLAZE, an inspiring new renovation series premiering Wednesday, October 19 at 9.30pm AEST on Lifestyle HOME.

For the very first time, Shaynna will invite viewers into her own creative and complex world as a working interior designer, as each one-hour episode follows the journey of a real-life home owner who employs Shaynna and her design company to renovate their space.

From an $80,000 makeover of a one-bedroom inner city apartment, to a $500,000 fit-out of a four-bedroom home, these are real clients with very specific tastes and a very real budget. Adding to the tension is a pressing deadline for every job – from joint birthday celebrations to the arrival of overseas visitors and family reunions.

Throughout it all, Shaynna has the uncanny ability of knowing what an owner needs, often before they do. She pushes her clients out of their comfort zone as she challenges their tastes, yet always delivers an incredible interior that fits their needs and personality like a glove. The resulting designs are fabulous, ingenious and sometimes, jaw-dropping.

To help her through each renovation, Shaynna will be joined by experienced builder Mike Griggs and emerging designer Yasmine Ghoniem – a perfectly balanced team of opposites who will tackle design aesthetics as varied as modern industrial, minimalist and eclectic.

In episode one, viewers will meet Peter and Debbie from Blackburn, Melbourne, who purchased their beautiful family home eight years ago when their children were young - but now their children are adults, they want to renovate it for their next chapter as empty nesters. With a budget of $500,000, can Shaynna deliver the glamorous retreat they are hoping for in time for their joint 50th birthday celebrations?

Other episodes feature Joe and John who would like to makeover their dated warehouse conversion in time for John’s parents’ 70th birthdays; Kirby and Max, a 30-something couple who want to overhaul their heritage-listed home before Max’s relatives visit from Germany; and parents to three young children, Martin and Teresa, who need to revamp their 1930s clinker brick house before winter arrives.

Shaynna Blaze is one of Australia’s most recognised interior designers, with over 20 years’ experience. She is well-known for her roles on the popular television series Selling Houses Australia and The Block.

The 10 x 60 minute series DEADLINE DESIGN WITH SHAYNNA BLAZE is a brand new format jointly developed by Foxtel and Beyond Productions, who produce the Lifestyle Channel’s hugely successful Selling Houses Australia.

Actually sounds like a great concept for a show and something that has been missing from the renovation genre, too bad though that Shaynna would have to be one of the most annoying ‘personalities’ on TV.

I Own Australia’s Best Home Winner Announced

A stunning beachfront home that captures the magic of the ultimate Australian lifestyle has been announced as the winner of Lifestyle’s property series I Own Australia’s Best Home.

The Surf’s Up Stone House in Bilgola, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, wins the prestigious title along with $30,000 for charity.

The family home is the ultimate beach haven boasting stunning oceanfront views, a glass pool and even a basement nightclub. With its soaring proportions, immaculate style and a seamless connection to its beach surrounds, it won the favour of both viewers and judges.

Online shopping entrepreneurs Lorica and Andrew Clarke bought the original 70’s stone and timber cottage 20 years ago. Fourteen years and three children later, the house underwent a sympathetic two-year transformation, retaining the character and style of the original building whilst amplifying it to accommodate their growing family and build for the future.

Our Experts interior designers Gillian Khaw and Tim Leveson, and architect Nick Tobias were joined by guest judges, interiors expert Neale Whitaker, designer Collette Dinnigan and real estate guru Andrew Winter to discuss and deliberate which of the amazing properties, voted by the Australian public, should be deemed the best home.

"We are ecstatic!” says Lorica who attended the Sydney event with her architect. “For our home to be so warmly received by the judges and the viewers is wonderful. Our architect Nanna Lesiuk did a masterful job, giving our home its beauty and aesthetic, and it gives me great joy to see this work be recognised.

"The charity that we have chosen to donate the $30,000 prize money is The Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick as this charity holds a special place in our hearts.”

It was a win too for interior designer Tim Leveson who visited the property, spending a night with the family enjoying their hospitality, a refreshing swim and a quick dance in the club.

“Lorica and Andrew’s Surf’s Up Stone House is the quintessential Australian dream home, with the essence of the property being about fun and family,” says Tim. “This series has always been about what makes a great home to live in – and there’s bucketloads of fun and liveability here, from the disco floor to the ocean view pool and the delicate way it balances family life with areas for privacy.”


when will they be changing watermarks?